According to the recently report of the Times, the sales of electronic cigarettes such as the ecig, ejuice and vivi nova is less than the one percent of the 80 billion dollar¡¯s U.S. tobacco market. But we could find that the market of the electronic cigarettes has the strong growth for nearly four years and the profit of it has been doubled for each year. According to estimation of UBS, the market share of the electronic cigarette will reach one billion in dollars in 2013. Other authentically estimation organization has predicted that with the continually improvement of the technology for the electronic cigarette, the market of the electronic cigarette would beyond that of the real cigarettes in the next 10 years.

As the information from the , we could find many brands for the electronic cigarette such as the dc tanks, clearomizer, ego clearomizer and so on.The report has said that ecig which is the industry pioneer has obtained 30 percent of the market share. In fact, the data has said that each the life of each electronic cigarette is roughly equivalent to two packs of real cigarettes. On the other hand, the price of the electronic cigarette now is only 8 dollars compared with the price of hundreds of dollars a few years ago.

In order to increase the degree of simulation, the filter tip of the ecig electronic cigarette has been made of soft and squeezable material but the smoke from the electronic cigarette does not stay in the clothes and the hair. The report has also said that the data from the Disease Control Center of United States has shown that 69 percent of smokers have the willing to quit smoking. So we could know that the market of the electronic cigarette would have a good future.However, the health risks of the electronic cigarette such as the e cigarette starter kit cannot be ignored.

The USA Today has reported that although the electronic cigarette does not burn the tobacco and does not contain coal tar and other harmful substances, it may still contain carcinogenic chemical composition. And due to it has been promoted as the healthy product, it would more likely to make the teenagers try them.

The majority of people believe that the electronic cigarettes such as the  ecig supplier  are much safer than the real cigarettes. Some super stars have begun to start do the endorsement for the electronic cigarette.

However, the Popularity for the  ejuice  such as the ejuice has also aroused the vigilance of the traditional tobacco company in the United States. The article of the Times has said that two of the three major U.S. tobacco companies have beginning to acquire the electronic cigarette companies and at the same time they have starting to develop their own electronic cigarette products.

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