China - Golf putter is necessary part of golf match. This is the special club which main used for putting the golf ball into the hole. In other words, this could be regarded as the last club which each golf player will be use in the match. Each golf lover should know about famous golf equipment brand scotty cameron . Today, the editor from best Scotty Cameron putters online seller will tell people the main classification of the golf putters.

The classification of the golf putter could be concluded into wide range. By the commonly dividing method which is based on the length of the putter, the golf putters could be divided into three basic types which are traditional putter, Belly putter and the long putter. In addition to these categories, there are also other many specially processed putters.

The first type should be the Conventional Putter. Almost all professional golf players have same opinion that the traditional putter could be the master of none. For applying this type of golf putter, the golf player should maintain the good batting posture which the body should lean little a bit forward so that the eyesight of people can be kept above the ball pushing line. Meanwhile, player¡¯s arms need to be drooped naturally and hands need to be together. This is the best putter posture for this sort of using the traditional golf putter.

The second one which editor from Scotty Cameron 2014 said should be the so called Belly Putter. The Belly putter could offer people three points of contacting which are located at players¡¯ abdomen. This feature can provide for player the better stability and balance while in the process of batting. The length of this putter could let player enjoy the advantage that the top end of the putter will be stable fixed at abdomen and then players¡¯ wrist will be very activity and people¡¯s batting posture will be easy to be controlled. Since the increasing of the length of the shaft, the distance is easier to be controlled. However, the drawback is that the longer length and thick body of of the putter will let player have the bad touch feeling.

The last one is the long putt. This type of putter could let the trajectory of the swinging motion like the action of pendulum. This pendulum-like motion will complete eliminate the the wrist hinge activities. People who use the long putter are easy to keep the upright posture so player who are frail or have back chronic diseases should use this club£¨ . However, the using feeling of the long putter is a bit weak and it is not easy for people to control the ball distance. If people are willing to applying this putter, they should try to avoid unnecessary movement of the wrist.

The information above is the basically introduction of the classification of the golf putters. If readers want to purchaser the high quality Scotty Cameron putters, please kindly check the contact information below.

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