The Edible Park Global Initiative from Phoenix Voyage aims towards setting thousands of parks wherein several species of herbs, shrubs and fruit, medicinal as well as vegetable plants will be cultivated using the organic farming methods. The parks so formed will contribute to the mission of raising the greenery and food sources on the planet.

With the rise of awareness over the aspects of health and well-being, people in today’s time give importance to the points like organic edibles. Embracing the organic edible, one not only gets healthy food to eat, but by using organic methods, this project reduces the usage of artificial agents adding to the mission for the reduction of environmental contaminations. Hence, participation in the global initiative of Edible Parks by Phoenix Voyage turns highly beneficial to the civilization of modern men.

The Edible Park Global Initiative from Phoenix Voyage is a mission to set up a network of parks for cultivating vegetables, berries and fruits by following the principles of permaculture, a system that allows us all to live in a way that works with nature rather than fighting it. The parks so formed would act as an arena for the members of the community to hang around within a space that would be covered with lush greenery and hence, would provide a healthy ambiance for the community members to socialize.

Each edible park is custom designed to make the most use out of each designated plot of land and includes vegetation such as medicinal plants, perennial vegetables, shrubs, herbs as well as fruit and nut trees of various species. Participation in the project would enable the enthusiast of gardening to pamper their hobbies in a style that would bring many benefits to the community while the academic institutions can arrange experiential field trips for fostering gardening and green initiatives among its students.

In the opinion of the spokesperson for Phoenix Voyage “Our objective is to create thousands of edible parks around the world offering healthy food, creating a network to exchange seeds and to share knowledge with a worldwide community. We offer different packages for groups and institutions to collaborate with us as well as sponsor opportunities that can have a wonderful impact on the communities around the world”.

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