Berlin - The first ecological printing exhibition has been held in Berlin, Germany. The green printing exhibition has molded from the paper producing to the finishing of printed into an entire supply chain. Apart from the exhibition, many experts have proposed a practical strategy for sustainable printing production. However, the concept of cradle-to- cradle which is the concept of circular economy has gained the highly praise.The professor Michelle, who was in the interview of the reporter from the Printed in Germany, has expressed the hope that the ecological green printing production of the printing company is not only the reducing for waste, but also the consistently printing for product which does not contain the harmful substances.

As we all know, there are many kinds of printing products in the printing process such as the Catalogs printing, Brochures printing, Magazines printing, booklets printing, Children's book printing and so on. So we could say that the volume of the printing everyday is very huge and the pollution of the printing company is terrible. Many printing companies have confirmed that the ecology is an integral part of the corporate philosophy. On the other hand, the printing clients have also agreed this opinion. If you are a big company with the social responsibility and obligations, you should choose a green printing company to print the paper you want.

As we all know, the commercial printing industry has had a very quick development over these years. The cheap printing price and the good printing service is the major attractive point for many domestic and abroad clients. The China Printing Company is the famous printing corporation in China which has focused on the green printing for many years. If you want to have more information about this company, you could browse the website

They will provide with you the service you want. The experts have also believed that the key question is that we must be optimized environmentally friendly materials for bio-cycle. Unfortunately, this kind of environmentally friendly material have never be seen. Such as that each ingredient for paper must be able to return to the regeneration of the biological cycle. Only in that way we could achieve the real recycling of the paper.

He also said that the analysis of the printed products from the print books from Russia has shown that 80 percent of the products contained the chemicals which would do harmful to the environment and human?¡¥s health. Comparing with the printing products from Europe, they have also found that 40 percent to 60 percent of the products have contained the chemicals which will do harmful to the environment and health. Therefore, it can be said that the traditional paper is not suitable for the ecological cycle.

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