Roots Analysis has done a detailed study on Drug Repurposing Service Providers Market, 2020-2030. covering key aspects of the industry’s evolution and identifying potential future growth opportunities.


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Key Market Insights

  • More than 60 industry players across the world are presently engaged in providing services for the repurposing of therapeutics
  • The dataset features a variety of CRO, big data / analytics and technology-based service providers, offering repurposing services by using different type of repurposing approaches and drug molecules
  • Over 1,700 discontinued clinical studies of therapeutics can be considered as potential candidates for repurposing
  • In the pursuit of obtaining an edge within this emerging and highly competitive market landscape, service providers are actively exploring the therapeutic potential of the existing approved drugs by providing the necessary support to drug developers in identifying / predicting prospective drug candidates for repurposing.
  • Over time, recent initiatives have been undertaken by big pharma players across the world for the discovery and development of repurposed drugs
  • Several organizations have extended financial support to aid research efforts in this domain; the current focus is on investigation of novel immune checkpoint pathways / targets for coronavirus disease
  • The growing interest in this field is also reflected by the 10+ partnerships have been signed in the last three years, involving both international and indigenous stakeholders
  • The future market, based on the revenue generation potential of repurposed drugs, is anticipated to be distributed across different disease areas and key geographical regions
  • In the long term, the opportunity is likely to be segmented across type of repurposing approaches, purpose of repurposing and type of drug molecule


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