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New York City, NY - If you say that the Endless Night Festival in New Orleans over the 2014 Halloween weekend is a unique event — well, that’s just a gross understatement.

Hosted by the legendary Father Sebastiaan, a leading expert on the occult and vampire subculture, the Endless Night Festival is heralded as “the No. 1 Halloween party in the world” by TripAdvisor. It has been described as “a Venetian masquerade ball meets a vampire court with the energy of a rock concert and the elegance of a 19th century burlesque cabaret.”

Get the picture?

The Endless Night NOLA will be held Nov. 1-2 at the House of Blues, 225 Decatur St. in New Orleans. Ticket packages begin at $75 and are available online:

Events include the Vampire Meet & Greet, the New Orleans Vampire Court, Vampire Theatre, the New Orleans Vampire Ball and the Masque Inner Sanctum.

Endless Night is at the center of Halloween weekend in New Orleans. This weekend includes other events such as Voodoo Fest, the city’s second-most popular happening of the year (after Mardi Gras), Haunted NOLA ( ) and Anne Rice's 27th annual Vampire Ball ( ).

“Endless Night is celebrating its 17th year in New Orleans and this festival has grown to one of the most intense vampire balls in the world,” said Father Sebastiaan. “It’s not just a vampire ball. This is the central international gathering of the vampire community worldwide, with many folks making it a pilgrimage.”

The Endless Night has an annual theme, this year is dubbed “Victoriental,” promises to be markedly different from other Halloween events, featuring a strong steampunk and Victorian theme, with masks and fangs preferred for all guests.

Father Sebastiaan, whose work and events have been chronicled on the Travel Channel, CNBC, the History Channel, A&E, The New York Times and Bloomberg News, is probably best known as the Master Fangsmith of the Sabretooth Clan, the world's most famous crafter of custom-made fangs

“For those who are intrigued by the mysteries of the underworld, the Endless Night is a must,” said Father Sebastiaan. “You’ll not only become more aware of the nuances involved with this counterculture but also get a unique and exciting opportunity to socialize with likeminded people from all over the world.”

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Father Sebastiaan can be reached directly at [email protected] for all media inquiries.

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