USA - Last year, the Android Tablet PC is really the hot selling points in the market of the electric device market. Unfortunately, the Android Tablet PC has not given the new experience to the majority consumers. Today, the Windows 8 system from the Microsoft Company has been published. Backed by the many years of accumulation of the Microsoft in the operating system, the Windows 8 will finally beat the Android tablet PC. We believe that Microsoft is very easy to do so. Today, the expert from the EPUR would tell you why the Windows 8 could obtain more market share than Android tablet PC. 

The EPUR is the famous website for the business of the Windows 7 key, Office 2013 Key and Office 2010 Key. The URL of their website is . The confidence for the Windows 8 is from the points which are listed below. As we have seen, the Android system is an open platform. But not only the success is from the opening, but also is the failure also from the opening of the system. 

The opening character of Android has attracted more developers. On the other hand such situation of opening is also led to the low quality of the skill for these developers. And then, the uneven level of product development would ultimately do harm to the Android platform. For the Windows 8 system, the Windows 8 platform has been manipulated by the Microsoft. Although there are many limitation and threshold for the using for the Windows, this kind of threshold and limitation has ensure the appropriate form of quality control which could ensure the user experience. 

The Windows 8 Activation Key and Office 2013 Key is the typical example as the threshold from the Microsoft.The security ability of the Android's security has since been the questions of the industry. Microsoft has done many thinking in the security and defense of Windows 8 system. The unlock trajectory of Windows 8 can be user-defined. This kind of situation has largely protected the security of Windows 8 Tablet PC. 

In addition to that, the Microsoft has also built-in the Windows 8 security software and other security mechanisms to ensure the security of the searching on the Internet.Windows 8 is a mainstream operating system, which could support both X86 and ARM platforms, has obtained the industry's broadest support. On the one hand, the camp of X86 camp has the alliance partners of Intel for many years; On the other hand, the ARM camp such as the Qualcomm, NVIDIA, Texas Instruments and other chip makers are also expect to be able to expand their market in the cooperation with Microsoft.

The program office is the feature products of Microsoft. But we all know that if you want to use the office you need buy the Key code such as the Office 2010 key . The office will show its advantage on the Windows 8 Tablet PC. As we all know, the android Tablet PC has focused on the recreational support. And it is still has some distance with the using for work and business. 

The latest software Office 15 has been regarded as the essential business office applications for Windows 8 tablet. And the office is also the best weapon to beat down the Android tablet computer.

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