Guangzhou - It is indeed that the NFL has got great development in China especially for the young college students and other younger. The professional editor from which is the most popular online supplier for cheap Nike NFL jerseys has recently released the news about the situation of NFL college bowl which has been held in China. After fierce competition over two month time, the 2013 NFL College Bowl had been ended in Guangzhou Tianhe Sports Center.

After several series of wonderful race, the team from Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine has reversed the situation of the match to defeat the team from Guangzhou Physical Education with the score of 16:10. This team has finale won the national championship following the former defecting to last year¡¯s champion the team from Beijing University of Physical Education in the semifinals. At this time, the quarterback from Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine who wear No.10 jersey No. 10 has won the MVP of this match.

The match of China NFL College Bowl has already been held for five seasons and Wholesale cheap Jerseys the number of the participating teams for this match has already been soared to 36. The General Manager of China NFL agency and the legendary quarterback Joe Montana who had ever led the famous San Francisco 49ers to win the champion "Super Bowl" and three times elected for "Super Bowl" MVP have four times given the winning rewards to the wining team in the NFL College Bowl of China.

Montana said:"This is my first to have visiting to China and the development speed of NFL sport in China has already exceeded my expectations. However, these young people in the NFL match are very excellent." Through the promotion of NFL College Bowl, more and more people in China know and love the sport of American football and the NFL has already rooted in China.

According to statistics from the most famous cheap Nike NFL jersey online seller, there were 80 million Chinese viewers through 19 stations and multiple network platforms to watch lively NFL game at last year. In addition, there are more and more online platforms from China such as sell the cheap NFL jerseys and other equipments to people all over the world. This should be the good news for all America Football lovers around the world. However, the NFL would have bright development in the near future.

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