07, August 2015: Recent years has witnessed a number of climate conferences held throughout the world, including United Nations Climate Change Conference. Climate change becomes a great concern of different nations in the context of aggravated haze, bringing us greenhouse gases and bad air quality. And all countries have made their efforts to cope with climate change. However, as an individual, what can everyone do to make a contribution more or less?

Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter is a good option since it is energy-saving and low-carbon and advocates green and healthy lifestyle.

Airwheel Scooter1

All Airwheel scooters are designed with large battery capacity to the extent that a self-balancing scooter consumes only one KWh per one hundred kilometers. For countries where water power, thermal power and power generated from non-renewable energy resources prevail, Airwheel electric balancing scooter is nothing but a surprise.

Besides, Airwheel arms each and every of its products with Tesla lithium batteries and a magnetic suspension motor. The capacity of Tesla lithium batteries is nearly twice of other common batteries, say, phosphoric acid iron batteries. Since it is electrically driven, no emissions will occur, especially greenhouse gases. On the other hand, the in-built motor allows an Airwheel scooter to travel silently and make no noise even in a quiet room. In this sense, Airwheel intelligent scooter serves as a farewell to annoying noise and for better acoustic environment.

Furthermore, though it is sufficiently energy-saving, zero-emission and noise-free, Airwheel never compromises in other aspects, among which safety is of the greatest importance. It provides speed limit protection for users, which means that it can control traveling speed within the safest scope. Once a user travels faster than the specified speed, scooter system will give a buzzing alarm while the user cannot travel faster if speed per hour reaches the highest standard. Airwheel also assures uses with low battery protection, tilting protection, voice prompts, charging protection and other protective measures.

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Airwheel self-balancing unicycle or scooter is an ideal option to deal with climate change. People should do what they can for less haze, less greenhouse emissions and better environment.

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