01, March 2016: Robert is a lover of Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter. When being asked which electric scooter is his favourite model, his answer is definitely Airwheel electric unicycle X8. It is well known that Airwheel single-wheeled intelligent scooter X8 is noted for its agility. Its excellent agility represents its advantage especially when it makes a turning on a bend. Apart from its feature, Robert will go into details about it.

The Airwheel single-wheeled intelligent scooter X8 is not weighty. Anyone can lift by one hand. It can be carried into the elevator and the public transportation such as the bus and metro. The light weight enables Robert to carry it through some path unsuitable for ride. When going down the steps, Robert can lift his X8. After he arrives the even floor, he can resume his electric self-balancing scooter X8. This light weight brings a great convenience to the rider. Even the rider is a female, she can still carry it by either of her hands.

At the same time, the volume of the electric scooter X8 is compact and small in size. If X8 is merely light in weight, it still is unable to be carried into the elevator and bus or metro. Some who like the outdoors even put it into their pack bags for their journey. The small size enables the rider to put it into the boot of his private car. Robert usually goes for a short trip. He first drives to the destination and then steers his intelligent self-balancing scooter X8 for a tour around the destination. If Airwheel X8 is quite large, it cannot be put into the boot at all.


In addition, the speed of Airwheel X8 can reach as much as 18 km/h. But there is a built-in warning system, which will set off the warning system when the rider speeds up over 16 km/h. This will remind the rider of slow-down in time.

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