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Released early last year as the first foremost authority book out there on social skills, “Social Skills: The Modern Skill for Success, Fun, and Happiness Out of Life” from author Gabriel became ended up being a phenomenal best seller. Now the brand new updated expanded Social Skills 2nd Edition is packed with even more and improved contents to improve anybody’s social skills.

New York, NY (March 19, 2015) – Humans need social interaction for survival and studies have shown that improved social skills can lead to increased happiness, work fulfillment and even longer lifespans. Author Gabriel Angelo explores these ideas and provides practical applications in “Social Skills: The Modern Skill for Success, Fun, and Happiness Out of Life,” the world’s first most profound book ever released on social skills last year ended becoming a phenomenal bestseller.

Now the brand new and expanded second edition of “Social Skills” provides even more of the science behind and applications to improve communication and awareness in social environments, including interpersonal, public, and business relationships and interactions.

The book is combination of resource and guide by dwelling into the history and background study of social skills, accompanied with activities, exercises, and weekly step-by-step plans to work on different elements for improving social skills. Either trainer or self-trainee will greatly benefit from these, and can be use with others or by oneself as most people would rather feel comfortable with at home.

“Social Skills: The Modern Skill for Success, Fun, and Happiness Out of Life” is available for Nook devices, applications from Amazon and other online retailers, as well as printed edition from offline retailers.

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