17, March 2017: It is no exaggeration to say the quality of the battery decides the quality of the electric scooter. Airwheel electric scooters are up to the standards with high quality. Hence, there is no doubt that the Airwheel electric scooters boom.

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Revolutionary technologies make the battery and motor seamlessly connected to achieve best power performance. The internationally branded lithium battery mounted on Airwheel is safe and durable. Trust worthy battery will safeguard riders’ journey from beginning to the end. What’ more, the upgraded CPU enables stronger driving force, faster acceleration, and 0.03s reaction time. The unique design of dual-chip and dual battery protection boards enables Airwheel 2 wheel electric scooter to function normally even if when one of the chip is damaged. A high quality battery and the upgraded CPU will enable riders to play without hidden dangers and troubles.

When the utility is talked about, there are numerous functions as there are several different models of intelligent electric scooter in Airwheel to meet diverse requirements which is ample than other brands, from the one wheel scooter to the 2-wheeled electric scooter. Airwheel S8 saddle-equipped electric scooter can be seated or stood to ride. There are sensors on the pedals and seat cushion. It is the extension of cars, an elf passing through in the city. Light weight and mini structure, it can be easily conquered even by a small girl.


Also, theelectric drift hover board has been added into the Airwheel family. Airwheel M3’s front and rear wheels have been equipped with TPU material damper mass to ride more smoothly. Even a single module has problem, the whole system can work normally and efficiently, because they are working independently. With Airwheel R5 electric assist bike, you can enjoy the riding pleasure whether in power-assisted mode or electricity-assisted mode. Also, its main body, operating rod, handle bars and pedals can be folded to bid farewell troublesome. Its battery can serve as a portable power source with the USB port, compatible with the mainstream phones and tablets.


Riders can choose the most suitable one to treat it as a transport, an entertainment tool, or an exercising tool. In addition to the high quality, the diversity also explains the boom of Airwheel intelligent electric scooter.

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