China — It should be clearly that each industrial engineer should be familiar with the famous FAG bearings. Although many insiders know and use this bearing, there are only few amounts of people who know about the history and development of the FAG bearings. Today, the editor from FANADE bearing which is the most famous China FAG bearings supplier will give people some detailed information of the historical and developmental records of the FAG bearings.

Since 1883, one Germany whose name is Mr. Fischer had invented the ball grinding mill and created the FAG. Along with the birth and development of the FAG bearing industry, FAG Bearings products have been fully certified in almost all possible areas and the FAG bearing has been playing a very important role in following areas such as aerospace engineering, metal-cutting machine tools, steel processing equipment, converter, casting equipment , rolling mill, mechanical equipment , paper machinery , cement machinery, mill, mining machinery, engineering machinery and vibration machinery, environmental protection equipment, packaging machinery and others.

The brand of FAG Bearings was started with an ingenious idea. People could dated back to 188s, the Germany man whose name is Friedrich Fischer designed a ball grinding machine which should be the first time to makes produce a complete sphere ball by the using of the grinding process. The invention is considered to be the cornerstone of the rolling bearing industry. That is why the FAG Bearings could be long been recognized as pioneer of the Rolling bearing technology. Today, FAG Bearings has become one of the leading brands rolling bearing in the industrial areas such as mechanical manufacturing, automotive and aerospace technology.

Since 2001, FAG Bearings had become one part of the Schaeffler Group and play FANADE bearing effective role in the industry of the aerospace, automotive and other industrial sectors. FAG Bearings has the most complete product outline in the Bearing industry, which could cover the areas of production machinery, power transmission, rail technology and heavy industry. In a word, people could find the appearing of FAG bearing in every corner of the world and it could be concluded into the essential part of people¡¯s daily life.

The outer diameters of the FAG Bearings from FANADE bearing could be ranged from 3 mm to 4.25 m, which are all types of ball bearings and roller bearings products. The FAG bearing of the former bearing manufacturer also includes the standard products according to the samples and non-standard products with special requirements. People could get completely information about FAG bearings from FANADE bearing¡¯s official website

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FANADE Industry Co. is the famous FAG bearing agent which is located in FANADE deep groove ball bearings Hong Kong City. This technology-oriented group is specialized in R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of high quality bearings. In order to make FANADE as a symbol of quality, the FANADE invested a lot in advanced CNC equipments, Fag Bearings and the complete set of precision inspection devices, committed themselves to building a high quality employee team and brought in advanced technique of manufacturing

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