There is a basic foundation we as human beings that determine weather or note we are healthy, or sick. Medical field knows about it but refuses to recognize it because it's bad for business, but good for the patient.

New Lenox, Il, 10/15/2015 -- According to James Matthew of Miracle Alternatives, LLC, the root cause of all sickness, illness and or disease is based on the vibration frequencies of our bodies' cells. Keep in mind our bodies consist of trillions of cells. With the fact that the condition of all of our bodies' cells, being in the trillions, they all cannot be working at the proper condition all the time.
"The theory of our bodies' cells determining our health is common knowledge within the holistic care industry, " James Matthew said.

Western medicine, meaning those within the medical industry as well as the pharmaceutical companies know this as well. However, they make more money treating sickness, illness and disease by medication, which is only a Band-Aid and usually causes repeat visits to the doctor, clinic or hospital.

Furthermore, it also means more sales to the pharmaceutical companies.

"Do not be alarmed or think western medicine and the giant pharmaceutical companies have full control over our lives, " James Matthew said.
We have many holistic solutions. However, please note the following information according to Miracle Alternatives, LLC and much of the holistic community as well;
1. The body is made of trillions of cells.
2. These trillions of cells make up the basic foundation that makes us what we are as human beings, as any living creature!
3. It's these trillions of cells that make us what we are and how we are supposed to live, feel and function as a human being.
4. Over time, these cells become old.
5. When they become old, they become weak, useless and can cause problems. Including serious even life-threatening conditions.
6. All of our bodies' cells which are actually an infinite number vibrate at certain frequencies.
7. When these frequencies are off the human body physically and mentally can become ill, sick, mentally ill, full of pain, and even cause serious unwanted health conditions such as disease, including but not limited to all forms of cancer and other life-threatening diseases!
8. Western medicine recognizes the importance of our bodies' cells and how they function as in their strength and operationally properties.
9. Unfortunately western medicine and western medical practice choose not to address the functioning of our bodies' cells.
10. It's more profitable to treat illness, sickness, viruses, and disease with on going treatment instead of permanently curing it! This includes medical visits and pharmaceuticals.
11. That being said is why we as human beings must decide to take a holistic approach to our health and well being!
12. Some people practice homoeopathy using herbs and or plants. However, many times, homoeopathy, and homeopathic remedies do not have enough potency to treat and hopefully cure a sickness, illness or disease once someone already has it.
13. The most powerful approaches to prevent, treat and hopefully cure are holistic health machines.
There are hundreds possibly thousands of different holistic health machines and devices on the market. They are all over the Internet.
However, many of the machines are made cheaply and possibly do not work.
To find a machine that is basically the magic bullet which can address just about any sickness, illness, pain and or disease needs to be a machine that focuses on the rejuvenation of the trillions of cells within the human body. Let us not forget our pets. All animal knives works the same way. They too are based on the quality of the trillions of cells that they possess as well.
The so-called magic bullet holistic health machine must work on the following technology;

A machine that generates rife light frequencies, electro-magnetic frequencies, and rife electric frequencies. This would require a rife machine. Another so-called magic bullet holistic health machine( is based on what is known as an electrostatic negative generator. This would require an electrostatic therapy machine.

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