If you plan to put your baby in a childcare center, you must already be aware of all the things that you have to decide along the way. You might already have all the information about the different care options, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each care type.  However, it is also important that you consider the perfect time to put your peuter in daycare.  Another matter that you should also decide on is the type of care that will suit your growing child and is within your budget.


You might have been told that your baby should stay at home with you, until he reaches a certain age.  If you have a toddler, some people will tell you that a childcare center would be best.  A family daycare is also considered an ideal option by many, when it comes to choosing between a center and a home-based one, as these facilities are suitable for different ages of children.  Like all matters that concern putting your baby in a child care center, deciding the best time should be based on the situation that you’re in and the needs of your peuter.


With regards to the timing of childcare for your baby, the following points will help you make the right decision:


1.            Babies aged 0-18 months, a stage where a home-based care would be best because during this age they need lots of attention from the caregiver.  They need continual care and also time to develop trust and attachment to the person taking care of them.


2.            Toddlers are peuters that are aged 18 months to 3 years and their needs are similar to those of babies.  At this age, toddlers are very active and tend to test their limits. Placing them in childcare centers will be ideal, but there should be enough caregivers so that the individual needs of the babies are met.  Babies at this age need a caregiver who has lots of energy and patience.  They start learning how to socialize with other children and they participate in different activities which they can’t do at home.


3.            Pre-schoolers are aged 3 to 5 years; they will be able to adjust themselves best in a center-based care center.  Here, they will learn social skills.  They love to play with their friends and develop relationships with them.  If these preschoolers will have access to games and resources that are appropriate to their age, a home-based care-center will also be a good option.


4.            You may ask, “When is the best time for my baby to be placed in a daycare center?”  Well, it depends on the children personality and the schedule of your family.  There will be no “perfect age”, because your child, like the other young children, will adjust to the new environment differently, as each child is different.  Of all people, you are the only one who knows the personality of your child.  So, you will know if your child can easily adjust to unfamiliar environment, to new people and to new activities.  You can determine whether your child would rather observe than participate in physical activities. 


Remember, childcare varies for each child, so there is not a perfect age to place your little one in daycare.


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