Beijing - MR Wang is the sales manager of a Beijing apartments renting agency which website is . During the Spring Festival of 2013, MR Wang only has four days to rest. According to his saying, the business for house renting in recent two months is not very good. So, he and his employees need to grasp this opportunity to enhance their sales performance in this year.

According to the research data and statistic from which is the professional beijing villas agency, the volume of Beijing apartment for renting during the Spring Festival which is from January 31 to February 5 has been rose to more than five times comparing to that volume of last year. Furthermore, the volume of new rental houses is up to nearly 10 times than the volume of last year's Spring Festival holiday. The quickly picking up is making this year¡¯s Spring Festival holiday¡¯s transactions volume rose nearly four times when it is compared with that of last year. This should be good news for each renting agency in Beijing. However, if they want to grasp this opportunity, they need to abandon their Spring Festival holiday. What a pity!

During the Spring Festival holiday, there are many people rent house Beijing through Beijing Maxviewrealty, which is the most professional Beijing apartment renting agency. Among these people, there are also many foreigners from other countries such as United States, British, Germany, Japan and so on. Compared with the same period of time of last year, the average renting price for villas beijing for rent in January already fell 0.5%. If you want to select suitable Beijing house, it should be a good opportunity for you to rent your favorite house at this period of time. Otherwise, you must face with the price rising in the future.

The general manager from Beijing Maxviewrealty said that the picking up of Beijing house renting market is quicker than that of last year. From the former experience, the picking up of the rental market in Beijing needs to continue to sixth month of whole year. However, during the Spring Festival of this year, there are a lot of tenants and householders ask for transaction to the renting agency such as Beijing Maxviewrealty. The most particular situation should be that the amount of new listings apartments in Beijing is more than that of previous year.

However, if people want to live in Beijing, a fixed living place is very necessary. In this case, you could timely hand over your demand to Beijing Maxviewrealty. Their professional service and enough apartment renting sources will help you effectively solve your living problem.

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