It is no longer new that winning disputes against your buyer or seller is one awkward situation, especially if you are the seller. PayPal could get a deceitful buyer to win a chargeback claim even after you would have provided every details they requested. This has always give rise to a call for Alternatives to PayPal.

Plantation, FL (May 12, 2016)

PayPal Users Challenges
If you are a merchant, you might have experienced at least one case where you had a dispute and PayPal wouldn't solve it for you. Every online merchant that I have spoken to has had a case where PayPal wouldn't cover a loss incurred due to bad customers and they have always wished they find a better Alternative to Paypal payment processing. When you are looking for a safe way to accept online payment, PayPal's verification process is the last thing you want to encounter.

Merchants' PayPal Experience
I am a merchant who has been using PayPal for about 4 years now, and it has always given me problems. However, last week, a customer lied to PayPal that I didn't send a product after getting the payment. This was simply not true. I gave them my USPS number, so they could verify, but they wouldn't listen and blocked my account immediately. I know of other Paypal Alternative( online payment processors who treat customers with much more respect unlike Paypal. After so many bad experiences that I have had with this company, I always recommend that merchants use another service. PayPal claims that their security system is the best in the business. However, my friend's account was recently hacked and money was stolen. He verified that he hadn't spent any money himself. He entered into a PayPal disputes option and lodged a complaint. However, PayPal said that they wouldn't cover the loss because they didn't know the cause.

PayPal Alternative
It took two months to get at least part of his money back. He ultimately turned to MerchantInc, which has proven to be one of the better online payment processors in the industry. I have been using an MerchantInc account for the last eight months and have no complaints about it so far. This is a far cry from what PayPal has given me, delays every single time and loss of money. In many cases, once you register a dispute with PayPal, they do not settle it at all and your money is gone for good. I can imagine how merchants feel when thousands of their hard earned dollars just go up in smoke. Other online payment processing services such as MerchantInc is much more efficient at settling disputes. They respect your time and money, and make it convenient to accept online payment. I have sworn never again to use PayPal, even if they improve. The harrowing time that they have given me is something I will never forget. If you are a new merchant online, then I suggest you do not use PayPal.

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