There often are requirement of either a short term or a longer term storage facilities for full or part household content storage.

Storage facilities could be required due to delayed housing transactions, temporary overseas postings and other reasons calling for furniture storage of differing periods. Should you place high value on such goods to be stored, you would be well advised to make use of professional storage facilities, rather than hire some storage space and embark on a DIY project. Large removal companies are invariably equipped to handle any required storage, both short and long term. These companies have large warehouses specifically designed for the purpose of storage facilities. The best practise in this regard is the usage of containers. The containers are stored at either floor level or high reach racks, depending on the design and space utilisation requirements of the company. Goods are packed into containers by professionals and properly wrapped and secured to prevent any chafing or breakages. The container is then locked and placed in storage. On re-delivery the entire container is delivered and unpacked at your premises.

International movers will only make use of containers in shipping household contents to other countries. It is best to leave all arrangements to international movers, as they have the expertise and the experience of handling such moves and the required international documentation as well as adhering to customs and excise requirements. Moving household contents overseas is rather an involved process, starting with the proper packing, securing and containerization of goods to be shipped. There are import and export regulations as well as customs regulations to be conformed to, insurance issues, shipping detail, and re-delivery arrangements and so on, best left to people experienced in such matters. International movers or their appointed agents will handle all of the requirements of overseas relocation on your behalf. All you need to do is effect payment and get on the aircraft to fly to your new destination. Considering that moving house is considered to be very stressful by the psychologists it appears that there apart from having to start afresh in a new country not much to stress about in involving international movers.

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