The artist who makes statues of common man

Art is limited by no boundaries, nor does it have any definition.Only the artist’s commitment makes him adept in his art. Yet when an artist moves away from the traditional art to develop a new art form, then his talent is observed from a freshpoint of view because his art has no parallel. Rakesh Verma, a sculptor from Indore, is one such artist who has given a new dimension to sculpture with his creativity and made small statues of people. He has such a passion for art which has inspired him to follow a uniquepath in sculptural art. He started making clay statues of anyone from theirpicture and today he is an acclaimed Masterful ofthis.

Rakesh Verma is an artist who maintains a positive viewpointtowards each of his clients and tries to emulate the same expression in his statue. He has eleven years of experience in this creative art form. He has worked as a graphic designer, photographer and creative director in various agencies in Indore.  Along with the dedication to the work and a fresh perspective, he tries to keep his customers happy with anattractive budget. The first statue he made in the beginning of his art journey was of late APJ Abdul Kalam which earned him high praise.  He also counts making the statue of the Nobel Prize winner, Mr. Kailash Satyarthi, as his remarkable achievement.

Rakesh Verma says, “I got the inspiration of making small statues from the statues installed of leaders and famous personalities on roundabouts.” He felt why should the statues of only leaders and famous people be made? Even the common man can have a small statue of his own or that of a member of his family. “I started working on it in December 2016. I started making such mode of clay and have made the statues of many people so far. I began my work with APJ Abdul Kalam, then made some models.While during the recent Indore visit of Mr. Kailash Satyarthi,I got the opportunity to meet him in Daly College, then I presented him with his mini statue. He was surprised and appreciated my art very much.  I have done a diploma in multi-media and I have developed this sculpture art on my own. I try to improve it through internet, books and other medium.

His endeavor is to make better art services available to his customers in their personal and professional life through his companies Shantimann and Weddingmama.