USA - Yesterday, the Nike's English official website has said that they would abandon the applying of kangaroo leather on the Football Boots Online. However, based on the humanitarian considerations, this action would be taken measure as soon as possible. In order to allow the animals be treated in humanely, Nike has already informed the Australian Government and hope the local government treat animal in accordance with strict rules and regulations.

The Nike official has said the Nike has adjust their strategy to eliminate the using for snake skin, lizard skin and crocodile skin for the material of the football boots online. This action of Nike is to enhance the future development of their company. On the other hand, the Nike official has also said that they would be actively on research and innovation for the synthetic materials of football boots. This would help them gradually get rid of the application of kangaroo leather.

People should know that Nike and Adidas are the main two companies for the using of kangaroo Cheap Football Boots leather to make soccer shoes such as the football boots online. After the announcement of Nike, the Adidas has also shown their attitude. Yesterday, the online seller which website is has already contacted with the Adidas via e-mail and. The company's corporate communications director has said that the Adidas Falcon series will no longer use kangaroo leather based on the reasons for innovation. He also said that the synthetic material for the soccer shoes such as football boot online has been able to provide consumers with the same performance as kangaroo leather shoes.

In fact, the using for kangaroo leather of sporting goods manufacturer has already been protested and opposite by animal protection organization around the world in recent years. In 2007, the Supreme Court of California had made banning rule for the sale of Adidas in the state for kangaroo leather football shoes online. In addition, some top famous football player such as Wayne Rooney, John Terry and other premiership players have also been denounced for the wearing with the kangaroo leather football shoes in the football match.

No matter what kind of situation, the using of kangaroo leather for the football Nike Mercurial Vapor shoes could not be prohibited during a short period of time. If people want to purchase the high quality football boots online with the suitable price, they should first select one of the online sellers for all kinds of football boots with high reputation. Only in that way could people owe their favorite football boots. On the other hand, people should avoid the purchasing for the kangaroo leather shoes. This point is very important for the protection for animal.

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