Life OK and Makers of Mahadev set to launch TV’s larger than life adventure Hero — Hatim


~ The Adventures of Hatimpremiering on 28thDecember, every Saturday and Sunday at 8 PM on Life OK~



Mumbai, 26th December 2013: When evil threatened to take over the world, it was time for goodness to take birth! It was time for the birth of Hatim, the hero with unparalleled powers and strength, a hero with a heart! As Hatim sets out on his quest to save the world from the menacing Zargaam, Life OK gears up to encapsulate his journey and bring to you a never seen before fantasy series that will transport you into the world of Hatim and his surreal adventures.


Starting 28th December, Life OK is set to change the face of Indian Television with its magnum opus - The Adventures of Hatim. Though born to the King and Queen of Ashqaar, Hatim is raised by the King and Queen of Yemen. The apple of his parents’ eyes, Hatim grows up to be the boy next door who is loved by all. Oblivious to the power he possesses, Hatim eventually discovers his ultimate mission and has to solve the 7 riddles to attain the 7 virtues to be able to defeat the evil sorcerer Zargaam. The story traces his adventures and expedition to finding clues to all the 7 answers before the big face off with Zargaam.  


Ajit Thakur, General Manager, Life OK, says, “When we launched Devon Ke Dev Mahadev, 2 years back, we knew we had a winner. With Mahadev we gave the nation, a hero, an icon they worshipped, loved and admired on the weekdays at 8 PM. And now with our latest launch, The Adventures of Hatim, we will take this legacy one step ahead and give our viewers their weekend 8 PM hero. The show is a never seen before gripping tale of courage and adventure. We are confident of an overwhelming response from our audiences.”


Nikhil Sinha, Producer, Triangle Films Company says, “We had a very strong legacy of fantasy stories in our country but unfortunately this genre is almost lost now. And therefore lost in story telling also…HATIM is an effort to revive that genre again. Fantasy based films and TV shows have kept the whole world entertained for many years in the west. Now it's time for our country to get their own fantasy show. And I hope it will entertain the audiences here and worldwide alike”.


Aniruddh Pathak, Creative Director, Life OK says, “We had a clear vision when we launched Devon Ke Dev Mahadev, to portray Lord Shiva in a never seen before manner. With The Adventures of Hatim, we want to recreate the magic, however at the same time; take the scale of fiction shows one level higher. Never seen before graphic elements, unique properties and superlative characters, the show guarantees unmatched entertainment for the audiences.”


With a larger than life overview of Hatim’s adventures and the use of high end computer graphics, the show promises to bring in a paradigm shift for TV content amidst the existing shows. The show promises unimaginable action sequences and opulent sets that will take the standard of Indian television shows one notch higher. From special fights masters of Thailand to unbelievable costumes, The Adventures of Hatim is set to make you travel across the sands of time and create a never seen before cinematic viewing experience right in front of the television sets!

The new age messiah, large hearted and kind, coupled with good looks, Hatim is set to woo the hearts of millions of audiences.  The show marks the debut of Rajbir Singh, a promising newcomer. Confident about Rajbeer as Hatim, the makers are sure that his acting prowess and charming looks will soon take the television world by storm.


Produced by Nikhil Sinha’s Triangle Film Company, The Adventures of Hatim goes a step beyond the ordinary and brings you closer to the world of fantasy and adventure. The cast marks a comeback popular celebrities like Nausheen Ali Sardar, Dolly Sohi, Khalid Siddiqui and Pracheen Chauhan.


~ Don’t forget to catch the adventurous Hatim, every Saturday and Sunday at 8 PM only on Life OK~



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