China - Nowadays, with the development of new material such as carbon fiber, the application of the carbon fibers in the industrial areas has become more and more widely. For example, the carbon fiber has already been applied onto the bicycle in people¡¯s daily life, which is the so called carbon bicycle. There are many advantages of the carbon fiber bike such as light weight and well performance for shock absorbing. Now, the most famous China manufacturer ( ) for lightweight carbon wheels would introduce with people the detailed information about these advantages.

The first crucial point about the advantage of carbon fiber bike should be the lightweight. The bike which made of the Carbon fiber has very light weight. Despite of the light weight, the carbon products such as carbon road wheels possess high density and excellent strength. If the bike manufacturers could apply this carbon clincher wheels, it would be largely reduce the weight of the bike so that people¡¯s burden in the riding process for bike should be largely decreased.

The second advantage for carbon fiber products such as carbon fiber carbon wheel wheels should be the good shock absorbing performance. In addition to the carbon road wheels, the carbon fiber could also used for producing the carbon fiber prosthetic leg for disabilities or special springs that could be used in various fields. Applying for its excellent shock absorbing properties, the bicycle could not need the suspension any more. If people could purchase the bicycle with the carbon road wheels, they do not need to worry about the deformation of their bike¡¯s wheel.

Furthermore, the application of the carbon fiber can be manufactured in various shape of bike frame. The basic method of forming for carbon fibers is that people could spread on a sheet of fibers in the mold and then pour into resin and baking. In that kind of situation, the frame can be made into various shapes. This method could be also applied onto the producing of carbon bicycle wheels.

Although there are many advantages of the carbon fiber bikes, the disadvantages could not be avoided. The most seriously problem for the carbon bike industry should be the high price that most of people could not offer. The reason of high price is owing to the complicated production process and the high cost for the materials. However, this problem would be gradually solved by the replacement of materials and the innovation of the workmanship.

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