We love our pets, but we hate the associated smells and “ook” – an invisible layer of bacteria – caused by the 3 Ps (poop, pee or puke). We’ve all experienced this; the happy, tail-wagging reunion with your pet is suddenly ruined when the 3 P smell hits you. The traditional way to deal with the mess is to remove the organic material, use an all-purpose stain-remover/deodorizing cleaner and then spray the area with an air freshener. But that doesn’t really work, the cleaner spreads the bacteria around without killing it, and air fresheners only mask the smell temporarily. Because the bacteria is still there, the smell will come back.  The solution to the 3 Ps is Performacide® Disinfectant for Hard Surfaces, an EPA-registered product that kills the bacteria that causes odor.  After you’ve removed the organic material, spray the area with Performacide® and allow to air-dry. The odor won’t return and the treated surface has been thoroughly disinfected and sanitized.

Performacide®’s patented pouch system is an economical way for pet owners and pet professionals to use the superior technology of chlorine dioxide (Clo2). Performacide® outperforms traditional bleach, ammonia and acid products. Performacide® is as simple to use as making a cup of tea; just place the pouch into water to generate the chlorine dioxide solution. In addition to controlling odor, Performacide® is also proven effective at killing highly-contagious parvo virus that can be lethal to pets.

Chlorine dioxide is one of the most effective agents for the control and eradication of odor-causing bacteria and many viruses. Chlorine dioxide has been the choice of professionals for many years to eliminate the toughest odors. It is used to deodorize food processing plants and was used to mitigate extensive mold and mildew issues caused by Hurricane Katrina. Until recently, there was no way to generate chlorine dioxide at the point of use. Now, for the first time, pet owners and pet professionals can use Performacide®’s patented delivery system that creates safe and precise concentrations of chlorine dioxide in liquid form to treat hard surfaces.

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