06, October 2014: With the Middle East being the primary source of oil for most country, one would think that the US is entirely dependent on it for such. Not many people may know it but the US actually has its own “oil well”. That “oil well: happens to be the city of Tulsa in Oklahoma. 

The city of Tulsa, which can be found within the county of the same name, is considered to be the second largest city within Oklahoma and the 46th in the whole of US. Because of its size, it is not surprising that it is also home to a number of tourist attractions. 

A visit to the city of Tulsa is never complete without getting to such places as the Tulsa Zoo and Museum, the Driller Museum, the Tulsa Expo Square, the Mohawk Park, the Spartan Aeronautics, the Gilcrease Museum, the Port Catoosa, and the Bell’s Amusement Park. This does not include the numerous restaurants that line the streets of the city. 

With so much offer, it is impossible to enjoy Tulsa without having to stay for more than two days. That being the case, you need to make sure that you book yourself in any of the hotels in Tulsa OK. One hotel in Tulsa Oklahoma that you might want to try is the Rodeway Inn and Suites Airport Tulsa Oklahoma Hotel. 

Guests of the Rodeway Inn can enjoy such amenities as free high-speed Internet access, free local calls, access to flat screen TV with cable access, use of multiple phone lines, in-room hot tub, and free hot breakfast. 

If you want more information about Rodeway Inn and Suites in Tulsa, OK, you can head to http://www.dodbusopps.com/91844/23.htm. A quick reservation form can be found at the upper left side of the page. You can make use of this in order to book a room in advance. All major credit cards are accepted. 

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