Thailand is currently considered as one of the only countries in Southeast Asia that has succeeded in preserving its artistic and historical heritage. This has made it into one of the most fascinating countries in the area. The allure to this country has made it one of the most popular destinations for Italians and Europeans.

Besides the medical trips that more and more foreigners are making to the country’s capital Bangkok, it has been said that the charm, combined with tradition and spirituality is one of the major reasons why it has attracted a commendable number of tourists. Italians in particular have shown a marked interest in this country over the past decade. With high demand for tourism, many travel web sites have dedicated a good portion of its expertise in helping its citizens to travel to this popular Southeast Asian country. Leading web sites like piazzavacanze has dedicated experts in educating interested individuals about the country and how to prepare for their trip. Being a land of different culture and ethnicity, the web site believes that most people travel unprepared. Being prepared will help them ease into new cultures without any discomforts. With different modes of payment, international access to their own money should also come in handy to avoid any form of transaction hiccups while checking into a hotel or while shopping or eating out at restaurants.

The offer of Paradise islands, wild nightlife and sacred temples ensure that each of the family members are happy with what they want. The multidimensional offer of lifestyle fits each member of the travelling party. Statistics show that it is one of the few countries where all tourists return back home satisfied. The past couple of years has indicated that most tourists come back to the country for the second time.  For more information kindly visit


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