02, June 2016: Craving for that refreshing taste of Thailand? Wait no more! 1st in Manila now opens its doors by well guarded family recipe of Auntie Marlee’s Khun Thai tea! Looking forward to start with a bang on June 2016 in the warm and bustling Mall of Asia is this 50 year family run establishment.

Starting from the humble abode of a pushcart in Sukhumvit, Bangkok in 1960’s Auntie Marlee’s authentic recipe of cha yen or freshly brewed Thai Iced Tea has come a long way to becoming one of Asia’s authentic outlets for traditional Thai ice tea. It is with this sincere and dedicated vision to create an authentic Thai Cha-Yen better suited to the local tastes, this iced tea rose to its popularity.

Thai iced tea or Cha-Yen is a popular thai drink originally made from strongly brewed Ceylon tea. The high prices of the Ceylon tea made it inaccessible to the general public, hence the Ceylon tea was soon replaced by a locally grown variety of assam tea known as Bai Miang. In order to maintain the wonderful exuberant experience that luxurious tea offered, spices were soon infused into the freshly brewed black tea to add to the taste and to maintain the revitalizing quality of the original traditional recipe. Soon different variations of this refreshing drink began to appear all over Asia.

At this cafe, it is all about understanding the tastes of the true tradition and suiting it to the modern world. Traditional Cha-Yen consisted of copious amounts of sugar, condensed milk and evaporated milk. It often made the drink rather heavy taking away the light, fresh and refreshing feeling of the drinking iced tea. In order to cater to the global tastes of today’s consumer a middle path was found. With Auntie Marlee’s secret family recipe a newer, fresher and healthier alternative was born without compromising the authentic traditional taste of Thai Iced tea.

Manila can now not only experience the true taste of authentic cha yen but also be prepared to surprise its tastebuds with unique and ever growing array of new and exciting flavors. Armed with a wide array of flavors suited for today such a “Berry Ice Tea”, “Yuan Yang - a unique blend of coffee and tea” and many innovative and succulent flavors this unique cafe is set to please one and all.

The tea is way of living at this establishment. It prides itself over the best quality ingredients in a price that enticing to all. Premium attention is paid to the process of brewing the black tea. Attention to detail such a the temperature of the brew, the consistency, the quality of the ingredients and the timing of how it is all put together from the start of the brewing process till it reaches the consumer is taken into careful scrutiny in order to maintain the joyful experience of sipping onto this wonderful refreshment.

This tea comes optional with small bubbles called “boba” that is offered free of cost, simply request when ordering. This plays as a quirky and fun way to enjoy a cup of this luscious Thai Iced tea.

The taste of premium quality black tea infused with the spices in harmony with the spectacular colours of different flavors culminating in one cup of Khun Thai Tea is not only an unmatched experience for the taste buds but also a visual treat! With such a unique and unparalleled tea-experienced soon to make its way in Manila, the city can now claim to have it all in just one cup of tea at a time!

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Jeremy Lee Ping Howe
Company: Khun THai Tea Shop
Address: Khun Thai Tea Shop, Mall of Asia Arena, Annex Building Coral way Corner J.W Diokno Boulevard SM Mall Of Asia Complex 1300
Pasay City, Manila, Philippines
Phone: +65 93261061
Email Id: [email protected]
Website: http://khunthaitea.com/