Find the truth behind why ‘Maa ne jhooth bola tha’ in &TV’s new family drama -‘Waaris’


~ Premieres May 16th, Monday to Friday at 7.00 pm only on &TV ~

                                     “WohMaakepethmeinsayanithi… Ab rozshararatkartahai…WohMaakepethmeindartithi…Ab sab ko challenge kartahai… WohMaakepethmeinladakithi…Duniyakesaamneladakahai… Ekraaznahin ye khola tha…Maa ne jhooth bola tha!”


May 05, 2016, Mumbai: Every man needs a mother and a wife then why not a daughter? While on one hand it is said that a child gives birth to a Mother, then why isn’t the mother accepted in the society without giving birth to a Waaris? While this hard hitting fact persists in our society, &TV presents a social drama Waaris that traces the journey of a girl whose identity is hidden by her mother and has been raised as a boy due to adverse circumstances.

Set against the backdrop of Punjab, the show is produced by AshviniYardi'sVini Yard Films and is all set to premiere on May 16th, every Monday to Friday at 7.00 pm only on &TV.


Waaris is the story of a child Manpreet, who thoughtlessly obeys everything that his mother says without any questions asked. But his mother Amba had lied… Maa ne jhooth bola tha… and this lie is what sets the momentum of the show. While Manpreet is a girl in reality, her identity has been kept under the wraps and she is known as Amba’s son to the entire village. So starts the journey of Manpreet and the age old feud between the two warring landowners — the Pawanias and the Bajwasin proving their supremacy. The show brings together an ensemble cast that includes names like Aarti Singh as AmbaPawania - Manpreet’s mother, Iqbal Khan as CharanPawania - Manpreet’s father, Akshay Dogra as Charan’s younger brother JaganPawania, Mukesh Khanna as LalajiBajwa, SidhantSuryavanshias HarjeetBajwaand the little wonderSaniaTauqeeras ManpreetPawania.


Iqbal Khan who plays the role of Charan says, “I am glad to be a part of a show like Waaris. To tell you something about my character Charan, he is a righteous and peace-loving person and adores his daughters. It’s the first time that I will be working with Aarti and I hope the audience will like our pairing.”


Aarti Singh who plays the role of Ambasays, “Amba is a very powerful character and that’s what attracted me to take up Waaris. It’s an intense concept and being a woman, quite close to my heart. I am hoping that the audience appreciates our efforts and extends their love and support.”


Tune in to watch Waarisstarting May 16th, Mon - Fri at 7.00 PM only on &TV!