30 December, 2013: A textile exhibition celebrating a famous Tuscan designer could turn out to be an early 2014 highlight for To Tuscany customers renting villas in the region in the winter months.

Entitled ‘My Idea Of A White Shirt: Gianfranco Ferré’ and opening on February 1st at the Textile Museum in Prato, this exhibit aims to celebrate the iconic white shirts designed by the renowned Tuscan designer it is named after. Twenty-seven of Ferré’s most iconic designs from the period between 1982 and 2006 will be on display, each hand-picked by the designer’s eponymous foundation.

Among the shirts on show at this exhibit will be the extra-voluminous painter’s shirt and the ‘Broken Down Shirt’, which consists simply of a bustier with collar and sleeve cuffs. These artistic shirts will be interspersed with sketches penned by Ferré, as well as videos of the fashion shows put on by his company.

The aim of this exhibition, which will be on show and accessible to To Tuscany clients staying in the region until June 15th 2014, is to give visitors an overview of Ferré’s entire design process, rather than just his finished product. The organisers have stated that aside from being visually stimulating they want the display to offer young people who might not have been familiar with Ferré, a look into his thought process when designing a piece.

Gianfranco Ferré’s main claim to fame is the application of his architectural background into his clothing, which gave him the nickname ‘the architect of fashion’. He began designing accessories in the 1970s and presented his first few collections in the 1980s before being appointed stylistic director for Dior in 1989. His eponymous fashion house continued to run even after that, however, and is alive to this day, although its future hangs in the balance after the founder’s death in 2007.

Ferré was also known for being extremely critical of fashion trends and ‘gimmicks’, making the classic white shirt his showcase piece and trademark throughout his career.

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