Smart phones and other gadgets are likely to give out good entertainment. However, the problem starts when users become unmindful of how poorly postured their body are until they develop chronic neck pain. Physical therapists prescribe the combination of professional therapy and post rehabilitation using ChiSoft neck support pillow.

Technology and gadgets make people’s lives easier, and although each day we’re paving our way towards an era where communication will be accessible to literally everybody, are we sure this is the best thing for our health? According to recent medical studies this is not exactly the case! Humans need to fight a new condition called “text neck” or “tech neck”.
What is text neck?

Although many of us hear about this condition for the first time, all smartphone and other similar gadget users probably already suffer from it. Text neck describes the exact position people are adopting when texting and browsing on the internet on their smartphone and other gadgets. Basically, the text neck position involves shoulders hunched forward, neck strained at an unnatural angle, and eyes squirting at the screen. It’s not a beautiful sight, but yet most of the smartphone users make it their own.

According to Robert Bolash, MD, a pain specialist at Cleveland Clinic, “incidence of neck pain increases with age. But today, we’re seeing and treating more patients — younger patients — who never reported neck pain before”.

Text neck implies a repetitive strain injury, and it’s very common among smartphone and tablet users. This incorrect body posture affects the neck and shoulders, increasing the pain in these areas, and sometimes it affects the lower back too, especially when talking about adolescents and teens.

Sammy Margo, at the UK’s Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, considers that text neck is definitely going to do more and more “victims” as technology evolves because “people carry out their lives by text, they get carried away and don’t realize they need a break”.

Considering that, according to science, the human head weights over 10 pounds when carried in its normal position (upright), when bent forward, it can get to 20 or even 30 pounds. This weight needs to be carried by the neck and spine. In time, after hours spent above the display of a smartphone or tablet, the head will stretch the tissue and, as a result, inflammation and soreness will make their appearance.

The remedy - ChiSoft Neck Support

ChiSoft neck rest pillow is the device that makes everything better. It might not end wars and world hunger, but it definitely saves people from the unbearable neck pain caused by technology. So, instead of giving up on smartphones and acquiring a landline phone, an investment in a ChiSoft Neck Traction device will save the neck and probably the day.

ChiSoft Neck Rest is a device that can be use at home by smartphone user. Designed to lift the head above the shoulders and adjust body posture, the device looks like a sleeve and it’s worn around the neck. When wearing it, the body keeps a comfortable and healthy position, and the pressure that occurs when using a smartphone and affects the pinched nerves and discs in the vertebrae is relieved.

ChiSoft Neck Support is not only a treatment for text neck, it’s also a prevention device, so it can be use even if there is no neck pain, but there’s a lot of texting or tablet activity.

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Why Neck Pain and Back Pain Are Office Related

Besides text neck caused by using smart phones, computer is another deadly cause of neck pain.  Hunching over a computer is a leading reason why two in five women end up with chronic neck pain at some point in their lives according to researchers at Cornell University and the Cleveland Clinic Center for Spine Health.

Another big issue for office workers is back pain caused by sitting in an office chair for prolonged periods This static posture during the whole day increases stress and adds large amounts of pressure to the back neck and shoulder muscles. When sitting in an office chair for a long period, most office workers naturally tend to slouch over or slouch down in the chair. In addition to the smart phone that they are using every day pressure in the neck muscle can only increase.

This poor posture can overstretch the spinal ligaments and strain the discs and surrounding structures in the cervical and lumbar spine. Over time, incorrect sitting posture can damage spinal structures and contribute to or worsen back and neck pain.

Dr Oz Recommended Back Stretcher for office workers

To help office works prevent or reduce back pain, Vita Activate designed a back stretching device in 2015. This back stretcher especially benefits individuals who suffer from lower back pain due slouching behind the computer and poor posture. Together with the neck rest this has proven be effective to prevent neck and back pain in the long term.

Both the neck rest and back stretching device make the busy life of officer workers simpler and easier. The devices are portable and lightweight, so they can use it at their home or office, or when traveling or when chilling in the garden. Simply lay down and get a passive stretch in the upper and lower back with the back stretcher.

Another great advantage of both devices is the affordable price that the physical therapy centers can find it threatening.
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About Vita Activate

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