English is the lingua franca of many countries around the world. It has gained its importance as the language of communication. Education in the primary, secondary and higher level is carried out in English in many countries. Also, media and administrative activities are done in the English language in many countries. So teachers of English language are in great demand. TESOL or Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages is a widely acclaimed program popular all over the world. Now you can get TESOL certification online from a reputed institute. You can complete the online TESOL course at your suitable pace without any stress. You can study at your free time carrying on your current profession.

TESOL has two basic functions. One is Teaching English as Foreign Language — TEFL and Teaching English as Second Language — TESL. When you enrol for online TESOL both the parts are covered. So you will get a comprehensive guidance with TESOL certification online. You can earn a good career by completing the TESOL course. The only qualification needed is knowledge of English as this course will not teach you the language but the skills required for teaching English to others. The orientation of the course is towards teaching English to those who are learning it as a foreign language.


Teachers with TESOL certification online are looked up to in countries like India, China, Brazil, France and Russia. Many African nations like Zambia also use English widely and online TESOL is highly recommended there. The basic requirements for pursuing TESOL online are very simple with internet connectivity and a computer. Armed with both these you can join TESOL course from any location in the world. Teaching is a very satisfying job and you can now choose this career with the help of TESOL. The entire course is divided into units covering a total time of 120 hours. You can go through this at your own speed.


With the economies of most the countries opening up, English has become all the more important for trade and business. Professionals looking to expand their business require the knowledge of English to communicate with their counterparts in other countries where English is extensively used. With online TESOL you can be a guiding force for all these people seeking an English teacher. Schools and colleges in countries where English is the second language, are in the search for teachers capable of handling students who have not studied English as the basic language. With TESOL certification online you qualify as an English language teacher.

The format of TESOL certification online is quite interesting with video clips of lectures and activities for you to follow. The boredom of classroom instruction is no longer there in online TESOL. You can also avail tutorial help if required to understand the content of the course. After completion of the course you will receive the certificate in digital format and also in printed format which will be mailed to you in any part of the world. Aspects such as classroom management, lesson and curriculum planning and teaching activities are covered. Spoken, reading, writing skills and phonetics in English are specially stressed in the course. So you emerge confident to teach English as a foreign or second language to anybody.



You can enroll for TESOL certification online without any trouble. Registering for online TESOL course is simple and charges are quite reasonable.