Tenali Rama to be hanged! 

The smart and witty Tenali Rama is gaining popularity for his dexterous way to solve problems. After reaching Vijayanagar kingdom trouble augments for Rama as he gets convicted for a robbery. King Krishnadevraya gives him a chance to prove his innocence in which he fails and he is sentenced to be hanged till death.

Post granting a three days’ time to prove his innocence, Rama (Krishna Bharadwaj) is geared up to find the real thief and he lays a trap to reach the thief. He accuses Kotwal of being the thief and wants King Krishnadevraya (Manav Gohil) to punish him. He passes a sentence for him to be hanged. Rama knows that this would hurt ego of the real thief and he would come to him. The plan works out and he finds that Gopanna, Kotwal’s assistant is the real thief. To trap him he joins hands with Gopanna and tells him about the hidden path inside a cave that leads to the royal treasure. But the path actually leads to the place where the Kotwal was to be hanged. When the day arrives to hang the Kotwal, Rama confesses in front of King that the Kotwal is innocent and the real thief would appear from the ground. But nothing happens and King Krishnadevraya gets annoyed with him. He orders Rama to be hanged for breaking the law and accusing an innocent person.

What will Rama do now? Will he be hanged to death?

Commenting on this track Krishna Bhardwaj said, “Since the day Rama has arrived in Vijayanagar, trouble don’t leave him alone. After getting three days grant from King, he still could not prove his innocence even after finding the thief. He instead annoys the king more by blaming an innocent person. This instigated the king and he sentence Rama to be hanged. How Rama gets out of this situation is the real twist.”

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