Mosaic liners - the new invention from Tega Industries related to chute linerin bulk solids, lumpy and abrasive material handling.

Kolkata: To meet the changing needs of the mining industry, Tega Industries is committed towards upgrading their existing products, developing basic product variants and new products and technologies. With a dedicated research and development department, Tega Industries, proudly offers its new generation composite lining  which has the advantage of both steel and rubber.

The management at Tega conveyed, “The use of special high hard steel placed in rubber matrix provides tremendous resistance to impact wear along with the ability to absorb impact energy, thus giving the liner prolonged working life of three to four times than liners made either of rubber or steel.”

Tega’s Mosaic Liners have several remarkable features that offer various benefits. These liners have better life than steel liners that help reduce cost of annual maintenance and wear protection material. The varying shapes and thicknesses of mosaic liners provideenhanced service life at low operating conditions. The appropriate selection makes it possible to meet varying duty conditions, reduces shut down frequency and hence reduces production cost. These liners have high impact absorption and hence show a predictable wear pattern which enable users to plan maintenance of the liners.

Liners are carefully chosen based on the duty condition and the surface chosen for lining. As such mosaic liners find their application in chutes, bins, launders, feeders and similar structures, where low to medium resistance to abrasion and medium to high degree of impact resistance is required. Some other wear resistant liners products that Tega offers are Air Blaster, Composite Liners, Aggression Rubber Liner, and Pro — Line Polyurethane Liner.

About Tega Industries Limited:
Tega Industries Limited is the flagship company of the Tega Group of Companies. The firm has achieved noteworthy achievements in the field of environment, material handling, mining and mineral processing. It is one of the global leaders in the design and manufacture of consumables for the mineral beneficiation, mining and bulk solids handling industry.

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