(Free Press Release) gas-elec, the leader in the field of gas and electrical safety products and services, is advising their engineers and clients on the Gas Safe Register technical bulletin released regarding flues in ceiling spaces.

“The advice from Gas Safe Register relates to properties mainly flats and apartments that were built with boiler flues hidden behind walls, ceilings and voids, which cannot be inspected,” confirmed Gordon Gosling, technical director, gas-elec Group.

As of January 2011, all Gas Safe Register registered engineers need to be able to check and inspect the flue in its entirety as part of essential safety checks whenever the boiler is worked on. The Gas Safe Register reiterated that “a flue in poor condition, combined with a boiler that is not working properly, could put you and your family in danger from carbon monoxide poisoning, which can cause death or serious injury.”

Gordon confirmed that “if you have a boiler where all or part of the flue is hidden, the homeowner or landlord is required to have inspection hatches fitted. You have until 31 December 2012 for this work to be completed.” Gas Safety Register went on to explain that the new ruling does not mean that the flue system is suddenly unsafe. As long as the boiler passes a series of safety checks − including having audible carbon monoxide alarms fitted − it can be used normally for the time being.

From 1 January 2013, any Gas Safe Register registered engineer will be required to turn off the boiler and formally advise that it is not used until inspection hatches have been fitted in the appropriate places.

Gas users may contact their regional gas-elec office with their questions.

Founded in 1996, gas-elec carries out impartial safety inspections and light remedial works. Its unique inspection service provides the residential lettings market and homebuyers and sellers with multiple inspections of the gas and electrics in one visit. gas-elec has recently launched a number of new energy-saving products and services. These include the g-save Boiler Economiser, which reduces fuel bills by up to 31% and a consumer comparison website (ge-switch) that offers users the widest range of energy suppliers in order to compare their gas and electricity prices. gas-elec has over 130 franchisees operating from 18 regional offices, who this year will carry out more than 120,000 safety inspections in domestic properties throughout the UK.

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