TechFinancials Inc (LON:TECH) Board Chairman, Christopher Bell, is prepared to inform shareholders in the course of the impending yearly meeting, that the firm has been able to enroll 5 new clients all through the last six months.

‘The previous year has been difficult; however, it was a year that was full of change for the Firm, where we experienced the powerful performance of B2B division for software licensing.

The profits improved by 30% each year and numerous schemes were carried out to make ourselves well prepared, in regard to our B2C provision and to assist in creating the base for improved development in FY 2016,’ explained Bell.

The firm’s B2C (business-to-consumer) and B2B (business to business) activities have been growing according to the market’s anticipations; the B2B performances are gaining momentum. Deals for software licensing at the firm have become better, while the association with Optionfortune Trade has ‘began well.’

Mr. Bell gave details of the finances of the firm and said, ‘We go on creating a powerful money status that now sums up to US$3.85 million by 30th June 2016. This is a rise of US$0.46 million from how it was on 31st December 2016; a rise of US$0.46 million from 31st December 2015 that positions us in a strong situation for development.’

‘As a section of our huger advancement plan, we persist to boost our practices in Asia via growth of our latest Hong Kong office and are still keen to invest more in the binary options platform provider services arena, improving our tablet and mobile solutions and other items to cater to the altering requests of our client base in the world,’ the Board’s Chairman added.

TechFinancials Inc (LON:TECH) shares have increased by 13% as a result of the declaration.

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