Tax Preparation Examiner, Frank Ellis, discusses why e-filing taxes is a good idea.

July 11, 2016 — Frank Ellis, a tax preparation planner, accountant, and author from Traverse City, Michigan, reveals six reasons why e-filing is a good idea this year. In a new article on, he says federal taxes can be filed more efficiently when done electronically. Over 129 million Americans e-filed in 2015, the author states, and then goes into six detailed reasons why it is beneficial.

First, Ellis reveals the accuracy and simplicity of electronic tax filing. Tax software increases the accuracy and reduces the chances of mistakes, as it takes manual calculations out of the equations. With electronic filing, one is also guided through the tax preparation process, and does not have to wait for W2 forms to come in the mail. The second reason is for safety and security. Encryption protects all information and many efforts are in place to avoid identity theft and fraud.

Convenience is the third reason. In many cases, filing can be done for free, and some may receive free tax counseling depending on their age. Also, the refunds usually come faster than when one files manually. This is because of fewer errors and not having to rely on traditional mail. The IRS even offers direct deposit, so refunds can be sent right to one’s bank account once released.

With e-filing, there is more help with health care tax reporting. Forms are readily available, related to the Affordable Care Act, and one can take advantage of payment options, such as filing early and automatically paying before the deadline. Taxpayers can opt to use IRS Direct Pay, or their credit or debit card.

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