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July 15, 2016 — Traverse City Tax Preparation Examiner and author Frank Ellis has unveiled a new article covering the proper use of IRS form 1040A for this tax season. The post is intended to help people who are unsure of which form to use. Revealing that this form is longer han the EZ versions and less detailed than the regular version, Ellis talks about the various qualifiers for using 1040A.

Income requirements include earning less than $100,000, according to the author. He also states where these earnings must come from. While self-employed individuals can’t use the form regardless of what they earn, the tax credit and deduction limitations are touched on for those who can. The author reveals that itemized deductions won’t help save money using this form.

The article goes on to discuss the fact that there are fewer deductions to take than with the standard 1040 form. Also, the same goes for tax credits. Although taxpayers can claim some tax credits they are eligible for, they can’t claim all of them with this document, as it is stated in the article.

Still, the author states, those who are still not sure about the most appropriate form for their taxes can work with H&R Block. The company’s experience helps many by getting larger tax refunds for customers and asking simple questions for figuring out the right forms.

Articles such as this help taxpayers who have little time to research every fine detail about the IRS’ process, which changes a little every year. To learn more about form 1040A and whether it is the appropriate form to file with, go to

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