Dallas, Texas; 18 December, 2013: A new blog has emerged from a Dallas tax attorney about IRS and potential aggressive collection efforts even though the United States may face another government shutdown in early 2014. After a recent deadlock concerning the United States debt limit and borrowing capability, conversations about IRS tax collection started to flourish. Although Congress extended the debt limit until early February 2014, conversations on the United States debt limit and the role of the IRS continue.

A tax attorney in Dallas, Texas, Nick Nemeth who is Founder of The Law Office of Nick Nemeth PLLC, recently started a blog cautioning taxpayers to be weary of IRS efforts this coming tax season. The blog titled “IRS Tax Controversy: IRS Keeps Cranking Out Levies, Despite the Government Shut Down” warns taxpayers that even though this tax season may see another shut down, the IRS will be just as assertive if not more.

Nemeth writes, “Not only do taxpayers still owe money to the agency, but the IRS computer system is continuing to run, cranking out levies and liens at a frightening pace.”

In the blog, Nemeth also pulls data and cautionary warnings from Forbes to assist his argument that just because the United States may face a government shut down again, the IRS will continue to play a heavy role in tax collection due to a large part of the IRS collection process being administered by a computer system.

The IRS has long been known for being a rigid and uncompromising part of the United States tax collection process. This is the main reason why Nemeth and many others advise taxpayers to take tax collection seriously in this upcoming tax season. The blog article can be found at: http://www.myirsteam.com/blog/irs-tax-controversy-irs-keeps-cranking-out-levies-despite-the-government-shut-down.php

Nick Nemeth founded The Law Office of Nick Nemeth PLLC in Dallas, Texas over 15 years ago and continues to work with individuals and businesses to overcome IRS collection obstacles

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