Tata DOCOMO Launches the first of its kind

Cloud enabled Campaign Management Solution


Marketing campaigns having wider reach and higher frequency at affordable rates is now a reality

New Delhi, September 24, 2012 Tata DOCOMO, a leading provider of end to end services and solutions for Enterprises, today launched a first of its kind service - Hosted Campaign Manager (HCM) - for its Enterprise and SME customers. This is an innovative, mass communication platform over cloud will allow enterprise to communicate to hundreds of customers instantly and simultaneously, without investing in infra structure for same. Through voice blast feature, customers can send a prerecorded message to thousands of phones from a targeted, DND scrubbed dialing list. This solution enables one to conduct effective communication anywhere across the PSTN cloud at blazing speed.


Tata DOCOMO‘s Hosted Campaign Management enables customers to reach out to larger target audience, more frequently, at affordable costs without any worry about the hardware/ software infrastructure required to run the outbound processes. This service is ideal for telemarketing and collection processes.


Mr. Himanshu Khanna, Head Enterprise Products, Tata DOCOMO, Enterprise Business, says “Hosted campaign management is one such solution and a step towards cloud based services, which is the future in mobility and enterprise space. Companies are looking at smarter marketing techniques which will result in more target audience reach and higher frequency but at affordable costs. This service is for enterprise customers and will specifically be very useful to small or medium business organizations that don‘t have necessary financial capability required to purchase and maintain their own infrastructure for smooth running of customer centric business operations.”


The HCM platform can be accessed by customer via a web based interface tool. On this tool the customer can load a pre-recorded message and a target customer dialing list. The HCM hosted at Tata Teleservices data centre will provide a Voice Blast service by simultaneously dialing out to the target clients and play pre-recorded message over the telephone. The service also provides scrubbing of dialing number against “DoNotDistrub” list, before making a call. Using the Web interface the customer can:

  • Upload voice files to be played to end clients
  • Upload dialing list (target numbers)
  • Schedule Campaigns
  • Extract Reports


Tata DOCOMO‘s HCM service is ideal for aggregators, FMCG, service industry, media and banking & insurance companies. In the SME segment it would be most beneficial for outsourcing companies, advertisement agencies and campaign & event management companies.


This service will be available in Karnataka, Mumbai & Maharashtra, Kerala, UPW, Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kolkata and West Bengal, Orissa, Bihar, UP East and Hyderabad.



For more information please contact: 
Atul Malikram