RACI Change Manager announces a new feature package for its TaskitPro software and mobile application.

CEO of RACI Change Manager, Michael Carew, announced today the launch of the new TaskitPro software and mobile application feature package for the trades and services industry.

M. Carew describes the new features of TaskitPro as enabling “even greater efficiency in job and task allocation, and management for local and remote teams.” Manager of New Markets and co-founder, Darcy Carew, said, “The advancements we have made in the reporting and operation of the TaskitPro application along with the iPad and Android tablet release due in 3 weeks have resulted from customer feedback and have increased TaskitPro’s already rich feature capabilities.”

Technology company RACI Change Manager specializes in business improvement software and applications. RACI Change Manager released TaskitPro only 4 weeks ago and has been quick to integrate customer feedback into the TaskitPro application. When asked about the details of the new features D. Carew stated, “TaskitPro is a cloud based job and task management application that brings real time job and task activities carried out in the field back to the desktop. In this new release we have unveiled a feature called “Visual Mapping” which utilizes Google’s global mapping with drop pin activity indicators to provide real time job and task activity details. This includes staff and job details, task location, task progress status, and task start and stop times.” D. Carew went on to say that, “No matter where in the world your projects, jobs or staff are located, all staff activities and job details are only a click away”.

Enhancements to the TaskitPro application include notifications and alerts, and expanded functionality. TaskitPro also released a “Detailed report” function with project, task, time and date filtering, which enables detailed reporting across every project, task and user.

The TaskitPro feature package is available from www.taskitpro.com
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To fully evaluate the features of TaskitPro visit their website at www.taskitpro.com

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