Tarang, is an India based NGO that tries to make a difference in the lives of the slum children in Mumbai by providing them free education. Their vision is to empower and to make people realize their self worth. They are a team of highly dedicated people who are keen in helping the students by providing them with their basic needs. They have well qualified teaching faculty. The curriculum offered by this NGO in India tries to integrate education to livelihood.

Unlike the regular schools where education is commercialized, Tarang genuinely cares for its students and supports them. Their system of education also integrates love, affection, security and satisfaction. Tarang sets a good example to all the other educational NGOs in India. Every India NGO works for a certain cause and the goal and purpose of Tarang is to uplift the lives of people by providing free education in India.

Tarang envisions to educate each and every child on this planet and as a first step they have adopted the slums of Mumbai and other areas in and around Mumbai. They do not stop with having impressive plans on the files, but they actually implement their plans. They are working to bring about change in night schools, sponsoring children who do not have the required resources. They also run programs and campaigns to inspire less motivated children to attend school. Tarang also provides students with various facilities that will enable them to complete their education successfully and by making them self reliant and independent. Tarang is all about empowering people by providing them with educational opportunities wherever it is missing.

They welcome support and assistance from benefactors who would like to join their noble cause of making India a better place by providing free education to those who cannot afford. Benefactors can support Tarang by sponsoring children by donating as little as Rs. 2000 which will take care of the expenses of a child‘s education for a complete year. Those who are willing to help those in need but do not have the time and resources can easily get satisfaction by helping the projects of Tarang.

Tarang is a trustworthy NGO in India and all the funds they receive from their benefactors reach those in need. So benefactors can be sure of spending their money for a good cause when they donate to Tarang. There is a huge need in India and unless everyone participates, it is not possible to make the difference.

Tarang has identified that lack of education as one of the major causes of poverty in India and it is taking decisive steps to eradicate illiteracy. For more information, visit http://tarang.org/