Zhejiang, China; 07, September 2016: The advent of the Internet brought about a revolution in the world of trade and commerce. The conventional ways in which business transactions were executed underwent a transformation. Retail firms and companies opened their own web-based outlets where individual as well as institutional buyers could place small-scale as well as bulk orders. What started as a fad or whim soon caught on globally and now there are millions of e-commerce sites from where one can access almost any product under the sun and add the same to the shopping cart. Taobao English is a recognized Chinese website that has been helping Chinese citizens as well as individuals of other nationalities order products directly from its site as well as other China-based shopping portals.

Talking about Ytaopal, the site was developed and hosted as recently as 2016 but the promoters of the portal had been operating as a web-based shopping agent since 2012. This online shopping agent has handled countless orders for a wide range of goods on behalf of buyers and also assisted them in choosing items from other Chinese websites. Taobao stocks almost every item or product that the prospective customer can think of. Simply by logging into the website, an individual will be able to glance through the different category from items. Thus the site lists household appliances, mobile phones & accessories, computers, office communication, food, automotive supplies, gift bags, musical toys, sports health, cosmetic care, maternal, jewelry, kitchenware, and so on.

Taobao apart from listing thousands of products on its site also has links that enables purchasers to connect to other well-known sites based in China. Some of these portals include the tmall.com, jd.com, suning.com, vip.com, dangdang.com and jumei.com. This approved and foremost site offers simple yet valuable Taobao shopping tips. First, the customer logs in at the site of the Ytaopal. He or she can browse through the different product categories listed on the website. Alternatively, the buyer can surf through categories and products of other websites emblazoned on the portal. For that, he or she just needs to copy the url link of the preferred site and paste the same on the empty field on the top of the page.

If Taobao has the product in stock it sends out the transshipment within the first 24 hours. Or else, it procures the ordered product from any of the other listed sites and transships the package within a day. The site notifies the customer to clear payment along with the shipping fee before it can release the shipment. Orders are shipped the moment payment is credited to the site’s account. The customer after receiving the delivery confirms the same via an e-mail. Since everything is mentioned in Chinese, the site lists some English words for Chinese terms. The user can also translate the pages of the site to Taobao English automatically.

About Ytaopal:

Ytaopal is a reputed and established e-commerce/shopping agent in China who can handle almost everything that people picked from Taobao or any other reputed Chinese e-commerce store.

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