Indonesia - Indonesian News website brings opportunity to the readers to become news contributors. The website is an all news based site, where any kind of news of any segment and type can be published. Their only requirement is real and fresh news and stories, which are written with originality.

Just like the website have their backoffice staff to contribute to news articles and come up with new stories everyday, they also hire two more types of news contributors. The next type is those people who would contribute news, but then their write-up would be reviewed and edited by the staff before finally publishing it online. The third type is those writers who have earned their reputation as reliable sources to write flawless stories, which doesn’t need editing or checking. They will be able to release their stories on the website directly through their user account. That is how the website works. And to become a type two or type one writer, you will have to apply to

Several categories are listed on the website, with contributions made equally to each everyday. The freshest stories show up in the first followed by older ones. They accept contributions through email and also through Whatsapp messaging, which are given directly on the site. Every story has a series of social media tagging and sharing buttons for all common and popular social media sites. Readers may click on any story, read, and share it instantly by his social media account.

Again every story has a comment box at end in the typical blog style, where readers may leave a comment. One of the spokespersons of Tangselone commented, “Out main focus is to give every voice a page to get public, so that no story goes unpublished and unseen.”

News readers and contributors may find more information on their official site at


Tangselone is a news website, which is based at Indonesia, and features news from Indonesia and around the world. They accept contributions from outside writers and have multiple categories for all genres.

Media Contact:
Charles K. McManus
Address: Vicksburg, MS
Phone no: 601-802-3908
Email: [email protected]