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As the government pledges 500 more free schools for the UK by 2020, Burton upon Trent and Tamworth School uniform and schoolwear specialist, Clothing4 Schools, pledges to provide all items of school clothing in-line with school branding, quality and styling guidelines.

As well as a number of Burton upon Trent and Tamworth schools transforming to academy status, the government announced this week that, should they retain power following the forthcoming general election, that they’ll introduce 500 more free state schools, a number of which will be established throughout the Burton upon Trent and Tamworth areas.

The 500 free schools will create 270,000 school places and some 49 more free schools have already been approved.  Should plans be fully implemented, the number of free schools throughout the UK will number 900, being one in 30 state schools with around 500,000 places.  The changes will of course create strong demand for branded schoolwear, with each and every one of the new academies having their own personalised and specific school uniform requirements, from school blazers, to school ties, school jumpers, trousers, skirts, dresses and school sports kits.  

Staffordshire’s Clothing4 Schools is only too aware of the forthcoming demands for school clothing and intends to adapt to the demands of new and reformed schools and academies swiftly. The company made its name throughout the region by providing quality schoolwear to a large percentage of Tamworth ad Burton upon Trent nurseries, schools and academies.  Clothing4 Schools headquarters is its Burton upon Trent schoolwear centre which comprises a showroom, changing facility and state-of-the-art embroidery machines, printing equipment and design suite, enabling the company to produce virtually all quality school-specific schoolwear items.  The company’s new Tamworth store takes school uniforms for a number of Tamworth Schools directly to local parents.

Clothing4 Schools Director, Clive Wilmot, explains exactly how his company is ready to provide school clothing to new schools and academies: “Because we’re part of the Apparel Group, which is a large national provider of uniforms to PLC’s and large organisations and because we have ties with one of the largest schoolwear manufacturers in Europe, Clothing4 Schools can extend the same quality-controlled service to accommodate new schools and academies rapidly”.  My Wilmot added; “Knowing the area very well, working closely with schools to ensure compliance and being a member of the National Schoolwear Association are all factors that give Clothing4 Schools a competitive edge”.

In addition to its two business units, the company also provides most schoolwear items online through it’s easy to navigate online school uniform shop that can be found at  As well as clothing for schools, P.E. kits and school sports team kits, the site also carries an array of clothing for Cubs, Scouts, Beavers, Brownies and Guides.

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