Perth, Australia; 14, July 2016: Taman Diamond Tool Solutions are a leading supplier to the Building, Construction Hire and Stone Industries. With 30+ years of experience in the concrete cutting, drilling and grinding industry. They also offer full after sales support, spare parts, serving, repairs including re-tipping and custom made diamond blades and core drill bits. The team behind Taman Diamond Tool Solutions also provide expert advice to customers to help provide the most cost effective, efficient and safest tool for the job.

Taman Diamond Tool Solutions

Taman is the official Australian distributor for WEKA Core Drills. Already selling an extensive range of WEKA products, Taman has recently expanded it. The latest product available to buy is the WEKA HD16 high frequency diamond core drill.

Introducing the WEKA HD16 high frequency diamond core drill

The WEKA HD16 is a new drill designed for drilling in the toughest environments. It's a versatile product that can get used as either a handheld or stand-operated drill. It features a splash-proof design that conforms to protection class IP55. That means it can be used to drill overhead or inverted. It is still recommended that you use some form of slurry collection for operator safety.

One of the key selling points of the WEKA HD16 is the high-frequency motor. It is a 3,700-watt diamond core drill and only weighs an astonishing 6.2 kilograms. Those two facts ensure that users can take advantage of its excellent power to weight ratio to help drill through the toughest jobs. Drilling range is 20-150mm.

Operational via frequency converters

The drill is powered by a FU06 U frequency converter. It's also possible to use the FU06 U frequency converter to power a plethora of other WEKA tools. Examples include the TS40 Hand Saw, WS75 Wall Saw, TK40 Chain Saw and the TR40 Disc Saw. Packaged with the WEKA HD16 drill, it's known as drill type HD1603.6.

Another benefit of the frequency converters is the automatic shutoff feature. In a nutshell, if the motor gets overloaded or overheated, the converter will power off the drill. Doing so saves it from getting permanently damaged.

Technical characteristics

The WEKA HD16 high frequency diamond core drill is already a best-selling product. Aside from getting made by a quality German brand, the reason is down to its technical specs.

For a start, it offers a three-speed gear. That means operators can enjoy a wide drilling range with easy speed adjustments. Users of the WEKA HD16 can adjust the speed settings according to the hole diameter needs.

Meanwhile, oil-bath lubrication helps keep the gear efficient and durable. Plus, two integrated levels provide users with precise positioning of the drill.

When it comes to safety, the overload clutch offers optimal protection against mechanical overloads. It's an important safety feature to have with a hand-operated core drill. And it's one that comes as standard with the WEKA HD16.

Another safety feature that comes with all WEKA HD16 drills is the aluminium case. It ensures that the internal parts remain stable and durable. Even under tough operating conditions.

About Taman Diamond Tool Solutions:

Taman Diamond Tool Solutions are a leading supplier to the Building, Construction Hire and Stone Industries. They have 30+ years of experience and sell a range of diamond tools and machinery. Taman also provides repair services. Plus, their friendly team are happy to offer expert advice to new and existing customers.

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