Taiwan Excellence Works Closely with India’s Healthcare Industry

An industry group will organize events in Bangalore from August 21st-23rd


The Indian government is making significant changes to its healthcare industry, opening up its potential to the world. Taiwanese healthcare brands have tapped into this great opportunity and reciprocated with increased investments in India. A recent investment from Apex Medical Corp provides quality and affordable equipment to hospitals and nursing homes across India.

Mr. George Lin, Director of the Taipei World Trade Centre Chennai Office, said, “The Indian Healthcare industry has huge potential for Taiwanese healthcare services and products. We have great synergies between the Indian and Taiwanese healthcare industries that helps us understand the needs of this market and we are committed in helping India excel.” He also added, “The Taiwanese healthcare industry is also flourishing, with our state of the art facilities and hospitals, we have seen a huge boost in medical tourism.”

In line with the 2015 Taiwan Excellence campaign, a Taiwan Excellence mall event will be staged in the Mantri Mall Bangalore from August 21st-23rd, 2015. It will showcase a wide array of innovative and high quality Taiwanese healthcare products to Indian consumers and businesses. The Ergo Stand from Karma is a leader in its category by helping wheelchair users stand up. It offers a nimble frame and a number of adjustment functions for greater operational control. Another innovative product, the A200 electronic sphygmomanometer from MicroLife, is the only blood pressure device that can measure atrial fibrillation (a precursor to a stroke) at the same time.

Apex, a Taiwan Excellence award winner, will display its iCH series’ CPAP. It is the most effective treatment for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Its heated humidifier and clinically approved algorithm maximizes comfort to ensure users a good night’s sleep. Recently, biomedical skin care is becoming increasingly popular. Renowned brands like Miacare and Rystora will also demonstrate their iconic products. Miacare treats teenager’s facial acne with its magical acne patch, which absorbs the pus, promotes faster healing and protects against bacteria contamination. Rystora’s scar sheets show clinically proven results for patients with scars from surgical operations or burns. Rystora’s scar sheets are comprised of 100% medical grade silicone and self-adhesive silicone gel layers.

Heartway Products focuses on the philosophy of “Harmony, moderation and innovation”, creating the most high-tech, highest precision products. They provide fully automated and affordable power mobility products, such as the S19, a foldable scooter that can fit into the trunk of a car and requires no tools. They are now recognizable names worldwide for their high precision technology.

The 2015 Taiwan Excellence campaign is focused on India’s healthcare sector, which is estimated to be US $65 Billion. It is increasingly becoming one of the most sought after sectors for healthcare brands across the globe. The campaign is organized by Taiwan’s Bureau of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and implemented by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council. We expect to see a splendid display of Taiwanese medical products at their finest quality, giving consumers an opportunity to enjoy a superior quality lifestyle brought about by Taiwan Excellence.

About Taiwan Excellence

Taiwan Excellence represents the innovative and technological image of Taiwan’s most competitive industries. It is a symbol of reliability, innovation and tremendous value. Such excellence radiates from many of Taiwan’s niche industries, particularly the ICT industry, of which many have become renowned brands in their field. In the Indian market, Taiwan Excellence, along with a selection of 47 Taiwanese brands that are popular internationally, expect to bring excellent lifestyles to consumers’ daily lives. For more information and promotional events about Taiwan Excellence and popular Taiwanese brands, please visit the main site: http://www.taiwanexcellence.com.tw or the Indian event site: http://www.taiwanexcellence.in


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