February 26, 2016, Tomball, Texas - Tables N Chairs, Inc.  is an independent non stocking dealer of commercial furniture and other business related products. Since 2001, the company has been providing schools, churches, hotels, restaurants, country clubs, resorts, government installations, camps, and a never ending selection of general business locations around the US.

Tables N Chairs have also great customer in The Caribbean, Mexico, Brazil, Japan and Africa. Their clients and customers are being supplied with folding chairs, folding tables, stack chairs, cafe tables, portable stages, lecterns, outdoor furniture and most important, best service.

Since 2001, they have been committed to the service of B2B clients only. This official website of them is the first project into servicing the general public as well. They always look forward to bringing the same high-quality products and service to their new market demographic.

Tables N Chairs service has been commended on:
- The speed of the response to voice mail and email requests
- The pace in giving a formal quotation
- It is not unusual for a reply within minutes rather than hours or days like most other business companies.
- The "normal" turnaround time for a formal quotation including freight costs for customer review is less than 2 hours. It is not odd, however, to give an estimated quotation in less than 20 minutes!
- One feature of the background was that of a Regional Purchasing Manager for major national private club company. They understand how awkward it can be for a sales person to keep calling asking for the business. ONCE THEY GIVE A QUOTATION THEY DO NOT CALL TO "FOLLOW UP". Tables N Chairs put forward their best pricing on the best quality products and as a customer, they will decide if they are worthy of the business.
- Product knowledge
Some of the Tables N Chairs customers have announced that it was a joy to chat with someone that is well-informed about the products that they sell. The company always updates the website with information resulting from customer questions. Customers may not know everything but they will not hesitate to contact the factory with customer questions that are outside of the knowledge base of the company.
- Old fashion service

Some of their customers have spoken that it was "fresh" to talk with someone that is kind and truly does what they say that they are going to do. They do not quote unworkable turnaround times, they do not lie about product capabilities, and they do not promise things that they cannot do. Tables N Chairs would rather walk off from a sale that deceives a customer.

The company appreciates the opportunity to give a Quotation for any and every situation. The only restriction is quotations for the shipment for the International leg of a possible order. They are please to quote Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Alaska, but, it may initiate additional business day for them to assure the best possible rates.

The company’s main provider of folding chairs, middle quality plastic folding tables, music chairs and cafeteria tables is National Public Setting. NPS is giving the nation's most comprehensive in-stock, Quick-ship, variety of folding chairs & tables, stack chairs, science lab tables & stools, risers & music furniture, NPS offers a solution for almost every corporate furniture need, with right transport & storage accessories. All NPS furniture is manufactured from the premium quality eco-friendly raw materials, can endure the austerity of the educational, worship, hospitality, food service, & other institutional setting. Most of the NPS products are being shipped 4 days or less.

If you have any questions, feel free to visit their official website on http://tablesnchairs.com/ or call them at 1-888-524-2582. Tables N Chairs is happy to serve you!