China; 23, July 2016: For fiber optic communication field operators and engineers, keeping the operational costs low has always been a major challenge. SYOPTEK’s one-click cleaner is a low-cost alternative that the field operators and engineers can opt for. The one-click cleaners are suitable for cleaning a wide range of connector types such as MPO/MTP flat connectors, SC/ST/FC/E2000 connectors, LC/MU connectors, OptiTap® HC connectors, ODC® FTT antennas and MIL/AERO connectors, MIL-PRF connectors, MIL DTL connectors and so on. According to the manufacturers, they are now offering seven different types of cleaners suitable for different connector types.

They underlined that all the cleaners can offer close to 500 cleanings per unit, and can be highly cost-effective cleaning contrivances for the field technicians. They also added that the fiber optic cleaners can be highly effective in cleaning a variety of contaminants that build up inside connectors over time.

“Apart from the cleaners, we are also offering complete fiber optic cleaning kit. Each fiber optic cleaning kitcomes with an optical connector cleaner, a replacement reel for the same, one-click cleaners for different connector types, fiber optic cable foam swabs, hundred lint-free wipes, fiber optic inspection microscope, inspection probe, smart cleaner MPO, digital fiber optic cable inspection probe, visual fault locator and one carrying case”, told a sales manager of SYOPTEK during a press conference.

“It does not really matter whether someone buys a FIP-800-D fiber optic cleaning kit or a TK-003 fiber optic cleaning and inspection kit or a CK-003 basic cleaning kit, the field technician can always expect highest value for money since we put together a whole range of fiber optic tools so that technicians can get each and every essential at their fingertips”, added the sales manager.

Contamination is the biggest reason why fiber optic connections malfunction or become dysfunctional at times. SYOPTEK’s fiber optic cleaner and cleaning kit, as claimed by the sales manager speaking on behalf of the Xiamen, China based manufacturing company, can prove to be a definitive solution for the contamination problem. A cleaning kit, on the other hand, can be an ideal solution for field technicians who need to troubleshoot and clean multiple fiber optic connectors during any workday.

About the Company:

SYOPTEK is a top manufacturer of fiber optic tools and tool kits having its factory in Xiamen and Shenzhen, China.

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