Xiamen, China, August 16, 2014: Cleaning fiber optics on regular intervals is very important for flawless data transmission. This is the reason why high quality and functionally efficient fiber optic cleaning products are in great demand today. China based Syoptek International Limited manufactures and supplies a wide range of cleaning kits and products for fiber optics. They are now offering free shipping on a select range of products and one can learn more about the products on their website. 

According to the spokesperson of Syoptek, all items have been designed to simplify the complex cleaning work of fiber optics. Moreover, these products help achieve perfect cleaning to help remove any blockage in the fiber cable network. They have one-click cleaners and node cleaners that can be very effective to clean the fiber optics for a smooth transmission of data. One can also take help of their bulkhead cleaners to clear any stubborn kind of blockage of optical fibers. 

Syoptek offers an all-inclusive Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit that contains several types of products required for cleaning fiber optics. The items and tools included in the kit have been designed, keeping in mind the inspection and cleaning objectives that need to be met from time to time. Anyone can rely on this kit to perform inspection and cleaning work of a fiber cable network in a professional and efficient manner. 

The spokesperson reveals that cleaning connectors and nodes often proves to be a challenge for the workers who maintain and inspect the fiber cable network. Syoptek has now designed a cletop that could be an ideal tool to completely clean nodal joints for an effective data transmission. The engineers of the company have designed this item with precise engineering and which has been appreciated by the global clientele of Syoptek. 

All products are available at an affordable price range and the free shipping offer could further bring down the cost of procuring high quality cleaning tools for fiber cables. One can check their entire product range and can also find out the products that are available at free shipping on their website http://www.fiberopticcleanings.com. 

About Syoptek International Limited: 

Syoptek International Limited, established on June 8, 2005, is a high-tech company specialized in researching and manufacturing of fiber optic test equipment, fiber microscope, optical power meter, visual fault locator, OTDR, fusion splicer and fiber optic cleaning products. They have a large range of cleaning products in their portfolio and one can procure these products from their website FiberOpticsCleaning.com. 

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