Social media, like Facebook and Twitter, are adding another dimension to the lives of millions of people and more recently companies like Adsafe Doors, a specialist sliding door repair company in Sydney, are beginning to tap into the power of viral marketing by posting pictures and videos of their satisfied clients direct to Facebook.

Adsafe Doors ( owner, Stephen Bransgrove, had this to say: “Facebook has provided our company a fantastic opportunity to showcase the work we are doing on a daily basis, by taking a snap shot of our satisfied clients once we finish their door repair. Together with my iPhone and an app called ‘Facebook Camera’, I’m able to take a photo, add a comment and post it straight to my Facebook Business page.”

Bransgrove continued “Sliding door rollers and tracks break down and become corroded over time and we are amazed at how long people persist with pulling and pushing their impossible to move sliding doors, before they take action to rectify this problem. Often they take the unnecessary and expensive step of replacing the whole system, when alternatively, a quick phone call to Adsafe Doors could have saved them a fortune and taken only 2 hours of handy work, resulting in them having a door that is a breeze to open and shut and which will go on operating for as long as a new Door would. Facebook allows us to show visually how much people struggle with their doors and then how easy their door is to open once we have made the necessary repairs with brand new parts.”

“People underestimate and often dismiss how much wear and tear a typical door receives over time, and it’s amazing to see the expression on people’s faces when we show them the worn out rollers and tracks. Now with Facebook, we can bring this awareness to everyone and enable our satisfied clients to share their door repair story with their friends,” commented Bransgrove.

To find out more about Adsafe Doors’ Facebook page and how they have been able to help thousands of satisfied clients with their sliding door repairs, simple go to . Be sure to check out the informative video on their complete process from start to finish so you know the process they take and what can be stopping your door from sliding smoothly.

About Adsafe Doors

Adsafe Doors was established in 1988 as a specialist aluminium and glass sliding door repair company in Sydney and has cemented their place as the leading authority in not just door repair but the technology systems behind door repair issues so many people experience locally.

Whether your office, shop or home door is jamming, sticking or won’t slide properly, Adsafe Doors can help you out and offer a range of door repair services here in Sydney and provide a free quote for those curious about their service.