New York City, New York — Precimax, a high-quality timepiece manufacturer, is proud to announce the release of seven new watch collections for their spring line. These seven new collections are titled Armada, Fiora, Sophie, Tarsis, Pursuit, Squadron, and Vector, and they started being sold by online retailers earlier this month. Swiss Precimax is very excited about the launch of these new watch collections, as it allows them to continue in their goal of providing affordable luxury timepieces with Swiss design and craftsmanship, and at the same time keeping up to date with current fashion and style trends. Brief descriptions of the new collections are as follows:

- Armada — The Armada collection appeals to the seafarer in all of us and allows you to explore exciting new depths with ease. The true focal point of these watches is the stylish patterned dial that is surrounded by twelve maritime signal flags, giving the watch a nautical feel while still staying true to form. The dial also holds three bold subdials that display readings for seconds, chronograph minutes, and a date reading. These impressive timepieces sport durable stainless steel cases and bands, and a screw-down crown/Sapphimaxâ„¢ crystal combination renders them virtually impervious to outside influence.

- Tarsis — A powerful addition to the Swiss Precimaxâ„¢ family, the Tarsis collection combines classic chronograph styling with a contemporary feel. These finely-honed watches come with a highly-durable stainless steel band and case, adding the unmistakable sense of dominance that Swiss Precimaxâ„¢ is known for. With accuracy as a priority, these impressive timepieces incorporate a precise Swiss parts movement, powering the sleek hands atop an eye-catching patterned dial.

- Pursuit — The Pursuit collection provides a modern reimagining to classic timepiece design. These bold watches offer a new look and sharp style while incorporating all of the tried and true characteristics that Precimax connoisseurs know and love. All of the watches in this collection come with a solid stainless steel case, scratch-resistant Sapphimaxâ„¢ crystal, and a secure screw-down crown.

- Squadron — Pulling out all the stops, the Squadron collection offers all of the essential characteristics needed for optimum timekeeping functionality. The true focal point of these striking timepieces is the rotating inner bezel, which is controlled by means of a secondary crown on the left-hand side of the watch. The inner bezel is lined with numerous time-measurement and tachymeter tools which, combined with a precise Swiss chronograph movement, allows the wearer to effectively gauge time elapsed, speed, and distance traveled with ease.

- Vector — With a forward-thinking design and cutting-edge technology, the Vector collection is the pinnacle of modern horology. Certainly the most distinguishing feature of these timepieces is the unique dial composition. The characteristic gearbox dial layout consists of three defined subdials, accurately measuring the minutes and hours of the chronograph as well as the seconds for general timekeeping. The high-quality screw-down crown and scratch-resistant Sapphimaxâ„¢ crystal ensure a 100 meter water resistance, providing a safeguard for the precise Swiss parts movement within the impervious stainless steel case.

- Fiora — A definite expression of cultivated fashion, the Fiora collection is perfect for those with a passion for elegance and style. These watches feature striking dials that hold sleek hands, Roman numeral dial markers, a date display, and a ring of highly-lustrous crystal accents. All of this is housed within a high-quality ceramic case and under a scratch-resistant Sapphimaxâ„¢ crystal, which gives them an air of chic sophistication without sacrificing durability. These watches also feature uniquely-modern ceramic bands and patterned bezels, producing a one-of-a-kind accessory fit for any event.

- Sophie — To get something timeless, you need to look for something that never goes out of style, and the Sophie collection is exactly that. These elegant timepieces display seven effulgent crystal accents and a date display atop a striking mother-of-pearl dial. These watches supplement their quality ceramic bands and bezels with a highly-precise Swiss parts chronograph movement, scratch-resistant Sapphimaxâ„¢ crystal, and 30 meter water resistance, adding optimum utility to already-impressive accessories.

Currently these seven new collections, as well as all other Swiss Precimax products, can be found at any of the following fine online retail locations:

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About Precimaxâ„¢

More than half a century ago, the Precimax name entered the market and began crafting high-quality timepieces with maximum precision in mind. For the first time since its disappearance, key aspects of original Precimax collection have been modified and adapted to meet the needs of a 21st century marketplace in the form of a new brand. However, our modus operandi remains consistent with their devotion for creating watches with an unparalleled level of luxury and sophistication. Reviving the classic brand allowed Swiss Precimax to adopt the exemplary aspects of pristine watchmaking while incorporating modern, charismatic designs and invaluable features.

With this in mind, the essential Precimax credo is simple: to manufacture watches from the finest materials, ensuring optimum comfort and durability without compromising design and functionality. From the distinguished collections stem countless variations of style, utility, and design to offer a multitude of elegant yet practical accessory options.

In a world that doesn’t waver, you demand accuracy. Precimax: maximum precision

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